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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yash Chopra Announces Retirement; JTHJ His Last Film As A Director

The evening of 'Yash Chopra In Conversation With Shahrukh Khan' came to a close with Shahrukh Khan asking Yashi ji about his next directorial venture. Yash ji said that 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' is his last film as a director. He said that he has achieved a lot as a director and now he wants to concentrate on giving back to the film industry by guiding talented people and spending time with his wife Pamela and doing things that he likes. Shahrukh almost cried. Parineeti Chopra was sitting behind me and she was crying inconsolably. It was an emotion packed climax to the two hour long 'Conversation'. Yash Chopra did most of the talking and one got to know why he is called a master story teller. He held everyone spellbound with his grasp of human emotions, his sense of humour and his romantic outlook towards life that is smeared with earthy pragmatism.
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  1. I watched that episode..but as always..for the Hindi impaired I am waiting for subtitles :-)))