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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Flowers Of Belonging

As asked by Vivek, here's a poem on his marriage to Priyanka. Wishing them lots of happiness for many many years.

Soft voices
Rejoice in unision
Trembling smiles
Wrapped in innocence
Gift a hope
Of selflessness,
When the heart piano
Plays songs of mirth,
The voice
For once
Immersed in your
Own Conscience
Breaking barriers
Of Lip Sync.

In eyes
Devoid of Make-up,
Strikes a chord.

Just gaze
At the
Flowers of belonging
And let the
Lilting night
Linger on...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inflationary Life

Darkness stabs
Festered by fear.

Takes revenge
For all the
Tears fall
within no time.

Childhood scars
Tossed out of
Window of Convenience,
In the grown up world
Innocence is an aberration.

Smirk Daggers
Tear apart
Vestiges of
A sense of 'Belonging',
Only insanity
Cheers for selflessness.

Can be
Clear or Crooked,
Doubts slither
How do I buy
A few moments
Of hope
From this
Inflationary life?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tweets On Guzaarish Music Launch

Guzaarish Music Launch was definitely one of the better events of 2010. I had a great time listening and watching all the songs being performed. A lot of you guys really liked my tweets on the coverage so I thought of compiling all of them. Man, 32 tweets, some of you must have been cribbing about the Timeline woes. My apologies. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So, here are all the tweets on Guzaarish Music Launch. Hope you like the Bollywood Hungama Video coverage as well. Cheers!

1) On my way to Guzaarish musical evening.Tahir says the stage has been beautifully decorated.And No, we are not doing live coverage.

2) The set of Guzaarish music launch is wonderfully decorated (yet simple).Curtains r velvet green with lights all around.

3) Catch line for Guzaarish is: Fall back in love with life...

4) In the Guzaarish music cd, Sanjay Bhansali has thanked music composer Jaidev and Lata Mangeshkar

5) Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek, Aishwarya,Hrithik jus entered

6) Hrithik, Abhishek,Mr Bachchan...the dress code is common:Black suit white shirt.Ash is in a black dress.

7) Aishwarya is seated in between Mr Bachchan n Abhishek

8) Making of the music is being showed..how SLB composed, the studio,the music sitting..the works

9) Nice video showcasing making of most of songs..everyone indulged in SLB-Praising (as expected).Now the curtains hav opened.

10) Piano, guitars, drums on stage..KK will sing unplugged version of Guzaarish title song

11) KK sang superbly but yes a few notes here n there went missing...never mind..wonderful time listening!!

12) Suhel Seth n Shenaz Patel on stage...KK will sing 'Dayen Bayen' along with Shenaz n Suhel

13) Sanjay Bhansali is sitting with his mom and singing along enthusiastically..quite a sight

14) Debutante singer Vivhavri jus sang 'Saiba'.She's got a super throw of voice.Impressive.

15) Shankar Mahadevan sang 'Dhundli Dhundli'.Soft,tranquil song.Shankar hasn't sung such genre of song in quite a while.

16) Monikangna Dutta on stage n she jokingly says "Hrithik had to learn a few dance steps 4m me"

17) Shail Hada (Assistant music director) n Rakesh Pandit sang 'Tera Zikr'.Jugalbandi between d 2 is Fantastic.Pleasure!

18) Lyricist Turaz n Vibhu Puri on stage.Nice words consistently.

19) Hrithik Roshan on stage n he plays Ethan in the film

20) "Sanjay Bhansali is a genius":Hrithik

21) "Just like nature, Guzaarish is beyond judgement": Hrtihik

22) "My favourite song is Sau Gram Zindagi": Hrithik

23) Hrithik singing along with Kunal Ganjawala...Sau Gram Zindagi...superb!!!!

24) Hrithik is gently dancing as Kunal is goin high...

Kunal Ganjawala take a BOW!!! Wow! Hrithik singing n dancin..guys this is my starting point 4 d video 2mro!!

26)Now Sanjay Bhansali is singing Sau Gram Zindagi..SLB gettin emotional..almost in tears..dedicates d song 2 Mom

27) Aishwarya on stage as Shail sings Udi..Ash sings along..SLB has joined singing too

28) SLB is gently dancing ..Hrithik has joined too...all r singing..quite a sight :)

29) "Its been an emotional evening..Sanjay I'm so proud..he's a genius": Aishwarya

30) Mr Bachchan is launching the Guzaarish Audio CD.Every1 on stage except Abhishek

31) Sanjay Bhansali touches Mr Bachchan's feet...man, u r very dramatic..touching nevertheless..

32) Wow...almost a million Retweets of my Guzaarish audio launch updates....well, all i can say is, Hrithik-Aishwarya fans just Rock!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't Dare To Possess

When discomfort
Webs a spell
Of illusions
The footsteps
Slow down.
Can I just run,
Fires up

Two destinations
of Belonging,
A mere traveler
Deluding his own

Don't dare to possess
What is said
To be Yours;
Don't bother
To wait
For something
That may
Or may not happen.

Make friends
With the Road Ahead,
Run or walk
But don't stop
There's no end
Only an excuse
For new