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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raat Ki Shama Jale/ English Translation

Hindi lyrics

Raat ki shama jale
Chaand chaandni saath chale
Khushbu ka tera badan
Shor machaye mera mann

Ab to tum hi batao sanam
Rehne den kya koi bharam
Chaho to tum paas aa jaana
Varna baad mein kahin na pachtaana

Raat ki shama jale
Chaand chaandni saath chale

English Translation

Candle of the night burns brightly
Moon and the moonlight walk hand in hand
Your body is all fragrance
Its so irresistible that my mind is making noises

You tell me now
Should we leave any illusions between us?
If you want, you can come close to me
Else, don't repent it later, that you didn't.

Candle of the night burns brightly
Moon and the moonlight walk hand in hand.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pleasures Of Predicament

Taking refuge
In a mall,
Held hostage
By ravenous rainfall;
There's an urge
To splurge
On Impulse;
I walk alone
As the
Misty shower
Teases me
With a sudden
Burst of
Soaking emotion
Winking at
My predicament;
I smile back
Slowing down
To savour the
Laid back pleasure.

A bird was screaming
Wondering aloud
Worried for
The little ones,
Searching frantically...
A bit of dryness
For the night.

Any attempt
To grab a piece
Of a cloud
In your hands
Is futile;
What you have
Hoping feverishly
That each time
You drench
In merry making,
There's a Home
To go to.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wordless Vocabulary Of Love

A sigh of despair
Melts into tears
A constant urge
To reconcile
And repent
For sins
Not done
For the
Smirks to
Turn into
Smiles of the Past.

Attempts to stop
The heart
From crashing
Like a glass pane
Are fast
Giving way
To furiously
Searching for excuses
To Escape
In a paradigm
Of comforting Respect.

A curvy road
Littered with
potholes of doubts
Leaves a queasy

There is an
Untamed noise
All around,
A lilting
Caller back tone
Welcomes sanity.

Love has vocabulary
That's not dependent
On mere words;
A cup of tea
When you need it the most
A delicious meal
That you'd been
Dreaming of
For long,
An approval
For an excursion
That you'd been
Thinking of;
Just be there
To listen
A never ending
Heal the
Hidden wounds
Of Self-doubt,
Walking away
Like a calming wave.

With a little help
From the
Near and dear ones
I am back on road
Singing songs
Of hope
And most importantly

Monday, July 5, 2010

Apologetic Leaves

Apologetic leaves
Waiting to
Wither away
From a tree
They've nurtured.

Every rain drop
Clamouring Joy;
Replaced by an
Uneasy rustle
Of hesitancy.

The Wind
Has been a
Watching in
Silent admiration
And now a
Muted sympathiser.

Sagacious Tree
Knows the
Seasons of life,
Maybe too well;
Yet it is
Careful enough
Not to
Show indifference
To Experience.

The younger lot
Of the Leaves
Is a bit of
A mixed bag;
They who are
Keeping the
Older lot
In genuine humour
Know the
Grammar of Nature
They are the ones
Who'll be a
Shade of comfort
For the Future.