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Friday, December 16, 2016

Questions and more questions... Blowing in the wind!

Aap tab kahan the jab vo hua tha? Aapko aaj jo ho raha hai us se pareshaani hai, 60 saal se jo ghareebi thi, uska kya? Aap bank line mein nahin khade ho sakte, sharm nahin aati aapko? Suddenly all these rhetorical, one-extra-constitutional-body generated 'reasoning' has stopped being in circulation (much like the cash that has vanished from most of the ATMs all across India... 125 crore deshwaasiyon ka India, no small number, Oh I forgot..125 crore PYAARE deshwaasiyon...). The Opposition parties in India are so imbecile and useless that they let the entire winter session go waste in the #Parliament by practising how to sell their own 'jumlebaazi' to a drama-pasand audience that seeks entertainment even in acute distress. None of the opposition leaders came up with real issues that have devastated ordinary people in the most inhuman manner, raging sense of FEAR is widely prevalent, mental issues have become rampant... An uncertain future looms large. There are only questions and more questions blowing in the wind...