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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Karan-RGV: Interesting Twitter Word-Play

An interesting Twitter Battle of the day between Karan Johar and Ram Gopal Verma

Karan Johar tweets in the morning today

@kjohar25: Early morning dreams come true?? I dreamt I was watching PHOONK2 and holding ram gopal vermas hand in fear...is this a possibility??

Ram Gopal Verma replies in the evening

@rgvzoomin: Well I don't know about @phoonk2 but I am scared of the @kjohar25 hand holding part http://tweetphoto.com/16528103

A Hungry Day

When the day moves on
As if doing a big favor
A stale movie
Instills derision for ghosts
Rather than injecting fear
Big movie star
Chronicles his
Political flip flops
And justifies his own
'Box Office' baiters
Celebrate Pop-money,
Why am I
Elucidating 'context'
In meaningful cinema
A day when hunger
Excuses itself
A day when
Finds prominence over
Flowing mindlessly
A day, which suddenly says
'It's good to un-do'...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Uncleared Debt

When there's nothing
But too much of everything
When the loud voices of discomfort
Confront unabashedly
I lock myself
In the Ipod World
Escaping to
Sweet strains of honesty
When the ego trap
Catches unawares
There's so much to
Change and update
When there's nothing but bleakness
A hand of warmth
Lends a smile
The debt is forever
...Some debts
Aren't meant to be cleared

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The cultural warlords are back to hounding Bollywood. At least this time, the filmwallas are showing at least some signs of resistance. A couple of days back, Raj Thakrey propelled MNS workers barged the sets of Excel Entertainment's film 'Crooked' starring Abhishek Bachchan. Their alleged grouse was the use of foreigners as dancers in the background during a song picturisation. The line producer of the film Vikesh Bhutani called up the police as the MNS goondas tried extorting money from him. The arrests were made but 11 MNS workers were later released on bail.

The latest Mumbai-Taliban-Forces are stating that foreigners shouldn't be used as extras in Hindi films. Instead, Indians ought to be given a chance. So, do the cultural thugs really care about Indians (or will they demand a quota here as well)? Is it another attempt at shutting-up the film world? Yes it is. Ironically, the usually volatile Abhishek Bachchan hasn't tweeted a word on the issue. Neither has Farhan Akhtar (he is the producer of Crooked). Nor have any of the other paper tigers of Bollywood. So, is it time to shut shop guys for you wouldn't speak for yourself anyways and you are such a bloody divided 'fraternity' that the word 'solidarity' doesn't seem to exist in your dictionary.

We've seen it during the recent MNIK controversy when Shahrukh Khan was being abused by the desperate-to-regain-some-lost-ground Bal Thakrey. I smsd some of the closest friends of SRK if they'd like to say anything on the matter. There was a haunting silence. The same friends started chirping-like-hot-popcorn, lots of twitter bonding started happening once the issue subsided, and everyone pretended as if nothing happened. People like Pooja Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt and Salman Khan who openly defended SRK's right to freedom-of-speech were never thanked publicly.

I interviewed Karan Johar a few days back. While talking about his forthcoming films, he didn't mention anything about 'Dostana' Part 2. Why? Is it because the subject has light hearted reference to homo sexuality and that may earn the wrath of the Mumbai-Taliban? 'Dostana' was one of the funniest films made in the last few years. But yes Kjo has been subjected to constant pressure from fascist forces. Be it Wake Up Sid, Kurbaan and then MNIK, he has brushed with stiff resistance. If such nonsense dictates the content in Art, then it will be really unfortunate.

So, where are we heading for! Hindi films have been enriched by cultures of the whole of India. Bengali stalwarts like Bimal Roy, Hrishikesh Mukherji, Basu Chatterji or actresses like Sharmila Tagore, Rani Mukherji and Kajol have made a giant contribution to Hindi cinema. This is just one example. There are many examples from various regions of India. The way things are going, artistes from other states will stop keeping Bombay in their scheme of things. Maybe they'll go to other countries and make cinema. And win laurels for that country. Yes, it is very much possible.

If the film industry can't think up a plan of defending their right-to-creativity now, when will they! If a foreign actor/ actress is required, it must be allowed. If a pretty foreigner chick adds glamour quotient to a song, let it be. DO NOT cow down. And for God's sake, don't make the word 'fraternity' into a JOKE.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Your Questions...My Answers

At the insistence of @lensahunte08 here's my first interview with a few of u guys on Twitter. Hope you are satisfied with my answers...Cheers!

@tehrashminator "Out of all the interviews you've done, which has been the most memorable, and why?"

Answer: There have been many memorable interviews (and here I am talking about video interviews and not print interviews). But the one that stands out is the first time I interviewed Mr Amitabh Bachchan (for Bhoothnath), Shahrukh Khan (Om Shanti Om), second intrview wid Aamir (Taare Zameen Par), recent Pooja Bhatt interview on MNIK controversy, recent Shahid Kapoor interview based on Twitter questions, first interview with Salman Khan (Wanted), Priyanka Chopra's interview for 'Kaminey', Kareena's interview at the sets of 'It's Rocking' song...to be honest there are many more.

@aury_941 i know that kareena will be onto twitter but Does Faridoon knows if is asap or not? i want bebo on twitter =)

Answer: Well, I shall surely convey that to Kareena as and when I meet her. In fact I was planning to tell her that at the Akon Press Meet for Ra.1 with SRK today but it got postponed.

@Chulbuli09 Hey Lensa Heres my Few Qns for Faridoon:1) Who is ur role model 2) Your fav Destination Spot 3) One song you relate to d most.

Answer: My role model will be my parents. I admire Aamir Khan both as a person as well as a professional. I look upto Mr Suleman Mobhani, my director and co-founder of Bollywood Hungama. The person who is the biggest reason in whatever success I've achieved in my life is my wife. She is incredible.

My fav destination: I'd love to travel much more than what I have. My favourite destination will be Shimla (at least for now)

One song I relate to the most: Imagine by John Lennon...Imagine all the people, and they say I am a dreamer...but I am not the only one

@Mehak_Luvs_RaniHow has been his experience on Twitter? Ever encountered biased and insane fans? :P

Yes I have. There have been times when a few fans have been very nasty. In fact someone created a false account of mine on twitter and started posting controversial stuff. But mostly I've come across some really nice people on twitter. For the odd-balls, you can always block them :)

@Mehak Luvs Rani 4.Which is the one critic who is according to you the most unbiased and reliable?

I like Rajeev Masand and Anupama Chopra for the way they present their reviews

@Mehak Luvs Rani Which is the one celebrity whom you want to interview again? and why?

That's a tough one. There are many, can't choose one. But still if you ask me one, then it has to be Amitabh Bachchan as he has such a huge body of work that I've decided that each time I meet him I shall ask him about at least some of his huge hits.

@Mehak Luvs Rani .Which celebs have been the most involving,co-operative and fun while interviewing?

Answer: Priyanka Chopra, Aamir, Shahid, Katrina, Raju Hirani

@lensahunte08 Why did u wanted to become a journalist?

Answer: I used to write articles in news papers since very early childhood. It seems I had an aptitude for news.

@lensahunte08 Which celeb is the most honest when answering your question in an interview?

Answer: Pooja Bhatt

@lensahunte08 Which celeb that you never interviewed and you want to get that chance soon?

Answer: Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan

@Mehak Luvs Rani Q's for Faridoon-1.Have you ever felt awkward or embarassed interviewing any celebrity?

Answer: Hmmm...don't think so...I always prepare well for an interview (big or small star doesn't matter) and I always aim at making the celeb comfortable even when I am asking the tough questions.

@shisha1101 I've got a few questions for the Faridoon's interview.

1. What does it take to be a journalist? Is it hard to b one?

Answer: There are five questions: Why, What, Where, When and How...you should have an aptitude for asking these questions all the time judiciously. You should love reading newspapers and watching news on TV. A course from a reputed institution always helps.

2. Which is your fav interview with a superstar and why?

Answer: My favourite interview with a superstar has to be the first time I interviewed Aamir Khan. It was supposed to be a video interview but we ended up doing a print interview as Aamir was not prepared for a video then. It lasted for 45 minutes. This was before Taare Zameen Par while he was shooting for Ghajini.

3. When will u be interviewing SRK? Is d date confirmed already?

Answer: Interview with SRK is not confirmed yet.

Will you be interviewing Shahid Kapoor again? Coz i love ur interviews with him recently.

Answer: Paathshaala is coming up and so is Badmaash Company...I think interview with Shahid will happen.

5.Keep up the good work Faridoon!


@bebokareena ask faridon kareena in jab we met or priyanka in fashion?

Answer: Both are totally different from each other. Personally I think both Kareena (Jab We Met) and Priyanka (Fashion) delivered their best performances.

lensa ask him who is his fav actress? And actor? And when is he going to interview kareena so we can flood him with questions?

Answer: Favourite Actor: Dilip Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan
Favourite Actress: Nargis, Nutan, Jaya Bahaduri, Madhuri Dixit, Tabu, Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor...Shall let you know about Kareena interview as and when it happens.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The New 'Me'

Tentacles of affection
Loosen their grip
A knotted heart
Craves for attention
Everybody hurts
Silence speaks a language
Littered with incoherence
Remnants of smiles
Search for new reasons
Hesitant creativity
Talent is not everything
But that's nothing new
Celebrating positivity
Is old fashioned
Being 'Real' is a lie
The hunt is on...
For the new 'Me'