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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Restless Moon, Tireless Humanity...Life Glacier

Hi guys check out a few poems written by me...hope you like them

1) Restless Moon

A full-moon night,
Soft yellow
And soothing light;
Transparent sensitivity
Gently stimulates
The strings of Heart.
If only
Your hair
On my shoulders,
And your Breath
With Mine.

1) Tireless Humanity

Rain robs
Many a livelihood
While a smile
Fluctuates uneasily.
Time is ripe
To avenge happiness
For defeat
Isn't a destination.
The Human spirit
Triumphs tirelessly.

3) Life Glacier

The glacier of life
Wriggles through
The uneasy silence,
Stammering a bit
Before the mighty
Smiling in jest,
Sniffing the snow,
Caressing the
Bushy eyebrows
Conspiring with the sun.
Much needs to flow
Under the bridge

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks To All And Lots Of Love

This is my first post for the blog created by an amazing Tweeple Emaan Khan who felt nice about me mentioning her message to Karan Johar in my interview with him. Well, a lot of my fellow tweeple are liking the fact that we are taking their questions during star interviews. To be honest, the reason why I am taking these questions or messages is not because I am doing any favour to anyone. No. I am taking these questions because most of the qs sent by fans on Twitter are brilliant. They are definitely Adding Huge Value to our interviews.

Yes, I genuinely feel the gap between stars and fans should be bridged because stars are what they are because of the unconditional love and adulation of their fans. While Twitter is great fun, there have been occasions when certain fans turn nasty. Yes, there are times when maybe a remark or statement made isn't liked by a certain group of people. It's fine, as what is liked by one, need not be liked by another. But yes, even if we have to disagree, we must do it politely. That makes the relationship stronger. Maximum Tweeple are wonderfully courteous and well behaved. More power to them.

Finally, I would like to Thank all of you who have made this birthday of mine The Best Ever. A Fan Club (I am still pinching myself on that one), a blog created over period of five thoughtful hours, most beautiful cards, fantastic videos and yes a cake was cut for me in USA by warm tweeple. My colleagues at Bollywood Hungama were super. My new t-shirt was generously splashed with cake alongwith face, neck etc. It is truly the best place to work. I hope to hang in here for a long time. Inshallah! Internet is the future of media and we shall be doing a lot of Hungama (God Willing). My my wife, daughter made it truly special. And yes, my parents and brother-sister reminded me of my toddler days (even though one cringes at being reminded of those times but one surely feels special). Also childhood friends wish you from various parts of the world. Thats a God's gift too.

Thanks to everyone...and I promise to do a lot of Hungama with all of you friends from across the globe. Lots of surprises. Lots of 'suspense' (I love that). And yes, will try and give as much happiness as I can (for the kinda happiness you've been giving is unbelievable). Also, I am not a fan of any star. So, do trust the fact that whatever opinion or news I am conveying is honest and objective to the best of my abilities. I am human and may fail to satisfy your expectations at times. Sorry for that.

Lots of love and best wishes :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faridoon Takes over..

This Blog is a gift to Faridoon Shahryar from one of his thousands of Followers on his Birthday (Feb 23, 2010) as a THANK YOU. He recently did an interview with Karan Johar (Director, Producer) and re read my tweets to Karan Johar. I was the first one he mentioned in the interview and he told him on my behalf how much I Love Karan Johar. It was something I was trying to achieve for last 5 yrs or more. Fardioon it meant the world to me! The world! So Thank You Faridoon! I hope you run this blog and your followers on Twitter and around the world just increase by the minute.
Happy Birthday and I hope all your dreams come true and you continue to be as humble and informative as you are. I'm sure a lot of us out there want to Thank you for all your efforts.

On this special day of Faridoon Shahryar's Birthday. I present him with this blog as a gift! Hope that he runs it now and blogs with his thoughts, interviews, music etc!

Emaan Khan

Birthday Wishes for Faridoon!

Some Birthday Wishes for Faridoon on 23rd February 2010 from his Twitter Followers:

---wish you a very very happy birthday faridoon n many in returns may it brings to you all the happinesn joy to U asU bring it 2 us

---dear Faridoon! Wish ya a successful year..lots of Love..happiness and health! U r the Best Reporter in b-town! ;)

---itz his bday today! He is the nicest and best Reporter in b-town! Wish him plzzz! ;)

---Wishing you a very happy birthday! Enjoy yourself! N thank you v much 4 givin all of our ques and wishes to @shahidkapoor. :)

---Gudnite Faridoon. Have a blessed nite and birthday wishes in advance again. Am sure u will wake up to a brite n surprised mrng:)

---am sure dude u gonna rock ..like always ..! ur awesome ..awesome ..awesome ..and again and again happy birthday dear <3

---Goooooooood night! You've made us very happy today! Those who make others happy always get happiness in return! Sweet dreams!

---Gnite n happy coming bday Faridoon :) Have a fab day tomm n yup u did a fab job today :)

---God bless you! Shall send you my bday wish exactly at 12 IST ;) Good night! Rest well & rise and shine tomorrow! :-)

---thank u so much they are so happy and wish u a very happy bday

---Happy Birthday to one of the most awesome journos! Keep rocking Faridoon! =D

---many many happy returns of the day.have a great day.love u

---A VRY HAPPY B'DAY 2 U:-):-)

---ur big day? A very happy birthday bro...wishing u more & more success...may allah bless u wid all d happiness, health & wealth!

---Wish you Happy Birthday..

---wish u a very happy b-day! tons of love, always good health n happiness may be w/ u always! stay like u r! :)

---at midnight will wish u happy bday lol ;) so its on the 23rd of february?

---Now that it's almost Feb 23 in India...HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Hope you have a great day, year, and you keep "rocking" w/ ur work

---Happy Birthday Faridoon Ji !!! Wish u all the best in every steps of ur life !!!

---faridooonnn wish u a SUPER birthday. Have a gr8 day and keep up the amazing work. God bless you...keep smiling, always.

---Happy birthday sirji.wishin lots of happiness 4 u n ur family n a splendid year to come.! :)

--- Many Happy Returns of the Day Bhai. Have a Nice Day, GBU. http://bit.ly/c27vh6 <- Don't forget to check the link ;)

---Hi! Just called ur office. Meine socha ke shayad answermachin hogi. Lekin watchman ne otaya. After 12 its 23d ur Bday! Farhan

---wish u a very Happy Birthday..love n best wishes

---A very very very very HAPPY BIRTHDAY Faridoon ji! Thank you for being the most sweetest, kindest and most friendliest journo on Twitter!
You have always made so many stars' fans happy and we are ever so grateful to you for that, and more so for making Shahid's 29th bday so special with the special interview! We are extremely lucky to have you on Twitter, Faridoon ji! Today, we celebrate a person who has brought happiness to everyone! May you keep flourishing & and may this special day and all years ahead bring you lots of love, happy memories & success!
Have a blast, Faridoon ji, You know you ROCK, we know you ROCK!! :D

--Have a nice one! Lots of dua and no Im not stocking u ;) Farhan

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---Wish you Happy B'day!....i missed Shahid's Q&A session wid u .. hope my destiny gve anothr chnce..!!

---Wishin u a vry Happy Birthday Faridoon.God bless u with lotsa smiles, luv n gud health always. Mre wishes 2 cme as day unfolds:)

---Happy Birthday to You...Happy Birthday to You....Happy Birthday dear Faridoon...Happy Birthday to YOU!! and many more :) *claps*

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---*sing* Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! *sing* Wish you all the best, lots of love, peace, health and happiness!

---Here in France we aren't the 23rd yet, bt it is in India:) so A V E R Y H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y F A R I D O O N ! ! ! ! !

---guess wat day it is?! hehe..Happy Birthday!! Have a good one, may all ur wishes come true&keep doing what ur doing cuz u rock ;)


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When Faridoon was asked recently by a Follower: "Is there any star who you've never interviewed but have always wanted? Like a Dream Interview?"
He replied, "Hrithik Roshan and Aishwariya Rai Bachchan!"
Hope his dream Interview becomes reality soon!!

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Faridoon- THE SINGER!

Fardioon also sings songs!
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Here are the links to hear some of his music Live:

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Aa Dhoond Le Kahin Sukoon


Burial Of Illusions


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Chal diya na jana phir kaha:http://www.shtyle.fm/view.do?id=15447669

Some things his followers have to say about his music:

---oh Fari (may i?) d song´s so ful of mirth in a very smooth sense!n gosh, ur voice so damn gently beautiful! loving it!

---listened 2 it 3 times.melody at d start of d song is fab.ur voice gives d track a upbeat tone.navneet's lyrics r gr8 2

---d song is so soothing and beautiful and u have sung it splendidly.u sound like KK and I loved his songs esp. yaaron.

---Amazing song Mr Shahryar, time to release an album dude! :P Keep them coming! ;-)

---u have got really nice voice...pls dont let go waste of it... y don't u release ur own album?

---Gaana Mast hai Bhai, aapki awaz mein bhaut saara mehnat ki jhalak dikh raha hai. :)

What some of his Followers say..

Faridoon is a regular Twitter with thousands of fans in a very short time (increasing by the minute) since he has started.

This is what some of Faridoon Shahryar's Followers on Twitter have to say about him:
(Its hard to mention all since he is twitted hundreds of times in a day)

Not mentioning People's Twitter names for Privacy:

---tks for Mile Sur video..you made my day..im in germany hadnt seen it.. im speechless..had tears, goosebumps all along.

---he's grt journalist he is abt to reach 1000 followers....go plp

---I'm intrstd in journalsm so was curious.Really respect d way u conduct urself & treat others.

---GooD MorninG :) you're such a wonderful person, my day starts with your Updates. Thanks a million!!

---Today I found how difficult it is for a journo... I had a tough time in editing a 12 question interview!!!

---Thaaaanksss 4 u & ur team's update! Love it being 'live' with u in Mumbai while living faaar away in Germany!

---hey man! you did it again jus wanna say v appreciate ur hard work & thanks 4 ur updates u ROck man BEST JURNO EVER

--- im speechles thanks alot for the updates

---luvd ur interview wid bhai.i think u r the only mediaperson who dun bash salman for no reason..

---hey Faridoon as I watched ur whole intevu with salman now liking it more than wanted u have covred broad aspects..

---Eeeeeeeeeekkkssss loved the salman interview.awesome job....Loveedddddddd itttttt alottttt

---Thank you so much. You are a gem of a journalist.

---u r awesome:) love salman intview.u are one of few people whom salman seems comfortable coz u don't ask nonsnse ques :)

---aree..this is not a promo...this is a HEART ATTACK for me...cant wait to c the whole thing

---sir i know ur b'day is on da 23rd.bt i wana start wishing u frm 2day coz on 23rd ur tweets will be flooded

---your better with cricket updates...you should have been a sports journalist.. :-)

---Mornin' Just finished watching ur interview w/Kj. Love how you even include the fan's Q & thoughts from Twitter. Thanks for keeping this great interaction with us. Kj was really comfortable in your presence. Now that's something a lot of journos lack. Great interview! :)

--- thanks a lot for ur generous thoughts :)

---Sweet! Jus finished watching da part1 intervu w KJo Faridoon! U guys are awesome Love it! waiting 4 part 2 now!:-)

---loved ur kjo interview! it was casual,straight n simple n i love d way u intrvu celebs without addin ne unwanted spice

---Watchin ur KJo interview right now! Your celeb interviews are my fav! No other journalist does it better than you!

---Loved the interview with Kjo, he lukd very much at ease with u :) So glad that u showed him all d love from fans for MNIK

---u did outstanding job as always...i love watchin ur interviews....we get the real deal!!!

---amazing interview. You keeping outdoing yourself Faridoon. Looking forward to more of it. Thank you again :)

---i m totally following this club !!!! we all know @Faridoon_S n we all love him for being a great journalist !!!!

--- MORNING...finally here..thts so gr8 @faridoons_fc a fan club i m so joining it ..LOVE U UR THE BEST REPRESENATATOR of TRUE Media.

---Morning Faridoon!Yes v are a huge fan,love ur intervus & daily updates &songs!

---Ur awesome!Not only do u play large part, but ur interaction w/ us is so heartwarming. One in million people like U in da world!

---You r the best gift we have had on Twitter, Faridoon ji! YOU are the bridge between stars and their fans! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

---dude you're so good at commentary for being a Journalist and a fine singer too. What other Talents are you Hiding?

---Thank you so much...cant thank you enough for taking each of us closer to our most loved celeb :) thank you so much :)

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