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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What some of his Followers say..

Faridoon is a regular Twitter with thousands of fans in a very short time (increasing by the minute) since he has started.

This is what some of Faridoon Shahryar's Followers on Twitter have to say about him:
(Its hard to mention all since he is twitted hundreds of times in a day)

Not mentioning People's Twitter names for Privacy:

---tks for Mile Sur video..you made my day..im in germany hadnt seen it.. im speechless..had tears, goosebumps all along.

---he's grt journalist he is abt to reach 1000 followers....go plp

---I'm intrstd in journalsm so was curious.Really respect d way u conduct urself & treat others.

---GooD MorninG :) you're such a wonderful person, my day starts with your Updates. Thanks a million!!

---Today I found how difficult it is for a journo... I had a tough time in editing a 12 question interview!!!

---Thaaaanksss 4 u & ur team's update! Love it being 'live' with u in Mumbai while living faaar away in Germany!

---hey man! you did it again jus wanna say v appreciate ur hard work & thanks 4 ur updates u ROck man BEST JURNO EVER

--- im speechles thanks alot for the updates

---luvd ur interview wid bhai.i think u r the only mediaperson who dun bash salman for no reason..

---hey Faridoon as I watched ur whole intevu with salman now liking it more than wanted u have covred broad aspects..

---Eeeeeeeeeekkkssss loved the salman interview.awesome job....Loveedddddddd itttttt alottttt

---Thank you so much. You are a gem of a journalist.

---u r awesome:) love salman intview.u are one of few people whom salman seems comfortable coz u don't ask nonsnse ques :)

---aree..this is not a promo...this is a HEART ATTACK for me...cant wait to c the whole thing

---sir i know ur b'day is on da 23rd.bt i wana start wishing u frm 2day coz on 23rd ur tweets will be flooded

---your better with cricket updates...you should have been a sports journalist.. :-)

---Mornin' Just finished watching ur interview w/Kj. Love how you even include the fan's Q & thoughts from Twitter. Thanks for keeping this great interaction with us. Kj was really comfortable in your presence. Now that's something a lot of journos lack. Great interview! :)

--- thanks a lot for ur generous thoughts :)

---Sweet! Jus finished watching da part1 intervu w KJo Faridoon! U guys are awesome Love it! waiting 4 part 2 now!:-)

---loved ur kjo interview! it was casual,straight n simple n i love d way u intrvu celebs without addin ne unwanted spice

---Watchin ur KJo interview right now! Your celeb interviews are my fav! No other journalist does it better than you!

---Loved the interview with Kjo, he lukd very much at ease with u :) So glad that u showed him all d love from fans for MNIK

---u did outstanding job as always...i love watchin ur interviews....we get the real deal!!!

---amazing interview. You keeping outdoing yourself Faridoon. Looking forward to more of it. Thank you again :)

---i m totally following this club !!!! we all know @Faridoon_S n we all love him for being a great journalist !!!!

--- MORNING...finally here..thts so gr8 @faridoons_fc a fan club i m so joining it ..LOVE U UR THE BEST REPRESENATATOR of TRUE Media.

---Morning Faridoon!Yes v are a huge fan,love ur intervus & daily updates &songs!

---Ur awesome!Not only do u play large part, but ur interaction w/ us is so heartwarming. One in million people like U in da world!

---You r the best gift we have had on Twitter, Faridoon ji! YOU are the bridge between stars and their fans! :D THANK YOU SO MUCH!

---dude you're so good at commentary for being a Journalist and a fine singer too. What other Talents are you Hiding?

---Thank you so much...cant thank you enough for taking each of us closer to our most loved celeb :) thank you so much :)

Lots and Lots more Love shown to Faridoon on Twitter. Join now to follow him!

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