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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Faridoon Takes over..

This Blog is a gift to Faridoon Shahryar from one of his thousands of Followers on his Birthday (Feb 23, 2010) as a THANK YOU. He recently did an interview with Karan Johar (Director, Producer) and re read my tweets to Karan Johar. I was the first one he mentioned in the interview and he told him on my behalf how much I Love Karan Johar. It was something I was trying to achieve for last 5 yrs or more. Fardioon it meant the world to me! The world! So Thank You Faridoon! I hope you run this blog and your followers on Twitter and around the world just increase by the minute.
Happy Birthday and I hope all your dreams come true and you continue to be as humble and informative as you are. I'm sure a lot of us out there want to Thank you for all your efforts.

On this special day of Faridoon Shahryar's Birthday. I present him with this blog as a gift! Hope that he runs it now and blogs with his thoughts, interviews, music etc!

Emaan Khan

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