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Friday, April 30, 2010

Shahrukh, Kareena Top eBay Bollywood Barometer

Mumbai, April 30, 2010: eBay India, India’s No. 1 eCommerce Marketplace announced the latest edition of the eBay Bollywood Barometer. The eBay Bollywood Barometer gauges celebrity popularity basis the number of celebrity related products available for sale on eBay India.

Shahrukh Khan tops the eBay Bollywood Barometer amongst the actors followed by Akshay Kumar & John Abraham. Kareena Kapoor tops the eBay Bollywood Barometer amongst the actresses followed by Rani Mukherjee & Aishwarya Rai. The eBay Bollywood Barometer chooses the Top 10 actors & actresses from the celebrity related merchandise of around 50 Bollywood stars.

Deepa Thomas, Senior Manager –Pop Culture, eBay India, says “The eBay Bollywood Barometer provides a fun way to track celebrity popularity & salability. eBay India’s entrepreneurial sellers have listed celebrity related products in response to buyer demand and hence all the popular stars feature here. “

eBay Bollywood Barometer


1) Shahrukh
2) Akshay Kumar
3) John
4) Salman Khan
5) Sanjay Dutt
6) Amitabh
7) Aamir
8) Saif
9) Ajay Devgn
10) Abhishek Bachchan


1) Kareena
2) Rani
3) Aishwarya
4) Kajol
5) Preity
6) Madhuri
7) Katrina
8) Priyanka
9) Deepika
10) Shilpa

The eBay Bollywood Barometer has ranked both the Top 10 Actors and the Top 10 Actresses. The range of products vary from Movie Memorabilia like Film Magazine Covers, DVDs, Posters, LPs, Dolls, Press booklets, Lobby cards, Movies & Books and you can log onto www.ebay.in to bid or buy the exciting products on offer.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two Poems


There's something about life
Addictive and contagious

Future draped in pastel
Couragiously saunters
Through the
Matrix of thoughts
Inviting and igniting

There's something about life
Mischievous and tolerant

I smirked at the
Trouble fugitive
Preferring to stay away
From the dungeons of despair
Lighting a torch of smiles
Across thousands of miles

There's something about life
Affectionate and understanding

With a little help
From known strangers
One gets by
And feign happiness
When none exists
For gloominess sucks
And is sledom social

There's something about life
With many faces to see through it all.....


There’s nothing a man can do
If the will isn’t willing enough
To let go the treasure of sorrow

There’s nothing left to do
If the hopelessness of purpose
Gnaws at the clueless tomorrow

A smile is your best friend
When there’s nothing left
Except golden time to borrow