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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hrithik's Madame Tussauds Statue, Most Kissed?


Hrithik Roshan Most Kiseed!!!
The actor's statue at Madame Tussauds is one of the most kissed statue!!!

Actor Hrithik Roshans waxed statue at Madame Tusads has sneaked its way past its hollywood counterparts to emrge among the top 10 most kissed statues in the museum. Though the official press statement of the museum is yet to come a source confirms that he has indeed made it to the top 10. Incidently last year actor Shah Rukh Khan had made it to the list of Top 10. Madame Tusads releases a list every year about the top 10 most kissed statues in their museum. Last year SRK's statue was among the top 10. This year though the official press release is yet to come their survey shows that Hrithik is among the Top 10 kissed statues says a source.

Incidently even though the museum officials keep a total count, sources say that atleast 20% of total kissers are guys and the rest are women, mostly under the age of 30. The girls and kids just love him and his popularity has been growing globally thanks to his reality show and also the fact that kids love him as Krrish and girls for his sex appeal. I think it is for the first time that a statue in its first year has been among the top 10 most kissed waxed works" the source adds.

Hrithik's the youngest !!!

Hrithik's waxed staue was thrown open to the public on 20th January 2011. His dhoom look was selected as the look of the statue. He is the youngest male actor from India to be honoured by Madame Tusad's. Roshan was completely involved in the creation of the figure attending two sittings in Mumbai and London where sculptors captured a catalogue of referance photographs and hundreds precise measurements. Hrithik also donated the red shirt and dark blue jeans, his figure is wearing. The figure took 4 months to make at a cost of around 150 000 Pounds.

Players First Look Promo On November 3

The first look promo of Players will start playing on TV channels from November 3, 2011.

In an article in HT Cafe today, Oct 30, 2011, Shahrukh Khan said, "I was reading some reviews (of Ra.one) and they were silly. They are looking into some other aspect of filmmaking." What about the sequel to Ra.one? "Let's see how it fares. It's lot of hard work. I'm happy how people have responded despite mixed reports. Once it has come to the fore, I'll give it a thought," SRK said in the HT Cafe story today.
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Namaste India": Lady Gaga Wows India


29th October 2011, New Delhi: India got its first ever opportunity to witness LADY GAGA - the global superstar known for her showmanship, individuality and startling creativity. Lady Gaga spoke about her inspiration for her latest album ‘Born This Way’ and expressed her desire to visit India again in the future to perform for her fans here.

Dressed in a beautiful full length gown designed by New York based Indian designer Naeem Khan, the elegant and regal Lady Gaga comfortably shared stories of reincarnation, education, family values and pleasing parents, everything that resonates with Indian people of today and yesterday. Flawless in her presentation Lady Gaga demonstrated a deep respect for India’s people and culture.

Gaga said in her first press conference in the country - “Namaste India! I have always wanted to come to this beautiful country for a very long time and finally it’s been possible. More than the place, the thing that makes this country so beautiful is its people – I want to thank you all for your love and support!”

Lady Gaga was presented a plaque for the success of her albums `The Fame’ and `The Fame Monster’, which have collectively been certified as Double Platinum and her latest album, `Born This Way’, is already certified Gold in India.

Passionate about her Desi Monsters, Lady Gaga met up with hoards of her screaming fans and obliged each one of them with autographs and photographs. Some of her fans were even dressed up like the Lady herself.

Sunil D’Sa, Vice President, UMI said, “With the massive success of Gaga’s albums in India ever since she broke onto the scene in 2008, we at Universal Music India always wanted to bring her down to give her fans a chance to experience the Gaga phenomenon in `person’. Thus, we are ecstatic that she’s made this possible and are indeed privileged to host a `superstar’ as Lady Gaga here in Delhi, India. She is a superstar in the truest sense of the word as she is just not a great musician, but a fashion icon, a fabulous live performer and a philanthropist as well. Her latest album, `Born This Way’, has been one of the fastest selling international albums in India this year and the good news is that her fans can now look forward to the new Gaga releases that are lined for November 2011.”

It must be noted that the Indian version of the album ‘Born This Wa

y’ includes the “Born This Way – Desi Hits! Bollywood Remix” which is remixed by noted film music directors Salim- Sulaiman.

Following the colossal success of her latest album `Born This Way’, Lady Gaga has planned new releases that will hit stores on 23rd November`11 which include Born This Way The Remix, Born This Way - The Collection [Born This Way album + DVD + The Remix] as well as the critically acclaimed, Emmy Award winning HBO special Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden on DVD and Blu-ray that includes exclusive, never before seen footage.

`Born This Way’ is the follow-up to her 15 million selling debut - `The Fame’ and `The Fame Monster’ albums! It broke the iTunes record for the fastest rise to the # 1 on release day. The first single from the album, the title track “Born This Way,” set a music industry record by becoming the fastest single in history to reach sales of 1,000,000 copies (five days after its February 11th release). Only the 19th single to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (issue date February 26, 2011), the recording was Lady Gaga’s third #1 on the chart. On iTunes, the song debuted at the top spot in 14 countries, including the U.S., and hit #1 in all 23 iTunes stores worldwide its first week out.

In less than three years, Lady Gaga has earned numerous achievements including five Grammy Awards amongst twelve nominations, two Guinness World Records and the estimated sale of 23 million albums and 64 million singles worldwide. Billboard named her both the “2010 Artist of the Year” and the top selling artist of 2010 ranking her as the 73rd Artist of the 2000’s decade. Gaga has been included in Time’s annual “The 2010 Time 100” list of the most influential people in the world as well as Forbes’ list of the “The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities” in the world. Forbes also placed her at number seven on their annual list of the world’s “100 Most Powerful Women.” With over 1.9 billion combined views of all her videos online, Lady Gaga is one of the biggest living people on Facebook with over 44 million ‘likes’ and is #1 on Twitter with over 15 million followers. Lady Gaga is the only artist in the digital era to top the 5 million sales mark with her first two hits.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rahman, Ranbir To Perform Live In Bombay On Nov 1

Press Release

Rockstar goes LIVE!!

A. R Rahman to perform live in concert first time for a film!

This is perhaps the most awaited moment for Ranbir Kapoor’s fans. The star, after much speculation about his stage performances, will finally perform live in front of audiences in a special ‘Rockstar’ concert in Mumbai!!!

This is Ranbir’s first ever stage performance and the producers Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd & Eros International are leaving no stone unturned to make it the biggest event of the year. The ‘Rockstar Concert’ is scheduled in Mumbai on 1st November 2011. Joining Ranbir in this exciting concert will be Director Imtiaz Ali, co-star Nargis Fakhri, singer Mohit Chauhan, who is the voice of Jordan in the film, Music maestro AR Rahman, along with eminent personalities such as Rahman's long term associate Ranjit Barot (Music arranger) and Percussion guru Sivamani.

What’s more, music genius A R Rahman will be performing live in concert for the first time for his film, an added treat for music lovers!

The event is being organized by Deepak Gattani of Rapport, who coordinates all concerts of A R Rahman, with special choreography by Ashley Lobo.

Producer Hiren Gandhi of Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd says, “Ever since his Bollywood debut, Ranbir has not performed live to an audience. This is what makes the Rockstar concert so much special for the team, as well as Ranbir’s fans. Plus, Rahman sir's brilliant soundtrack has generated an incredible hype – the songs are topping the charts not only in India, but in US, UK, and several other markets. Hence, planning a concert made a lot of sense, given the craze and euphoria for the music.”

Ranbir is playing a Rockstar in the film and he, with the support of several renowned personalities has put in tremendous effort to personify the character. This concert will enable his and the film’s fans to ‘actually experience’ the Rockstar in Ranbir Kapoor.

‘Saadda Haq’, the song that has become a rage with the youth will be the highlight of the concert. Other songs to be performed from Rockstar include: Jo Bhi Main, Kun Faaya Kun (with the original Qawwali singers also performing live at the concert), Katiyan Karun, Nadaan Parinde and Tum Ho.

Free invitations for the show will be distributed amongst the public and the concert will be held at Bhavan's College grounds, Andheri west.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ra.one: Item-Film With Enough HART To Keep You Interested

Bollywood has had several super hero VFX disasters, but Ra.one is different. This one has a 'HART' that ticks and connects (somewhat) with viewers on a human level. Obviously, the suspension of disbelief is a given (watch Bombay's VT station building crumble like a pack of cards and Victoria's statue stumble down grumpily. A nail in the coffin of the British 'Raj'). Item songs have been in vogue off late. Yes they add tadka to bolster a film's buzz (remember, Sheila is the one who's worth crores while Tees Maar Khan emerged a pauper). With Ra.one, one can invent a term Item-Film. Incredulous, absurd story but neatly decorated and sumptuously colored items that ensures a paisa-vasool-feeling for the viewers who had been Tsunamied with the film's promotions.

Desi Girl Priyanka is craftily saved by macho hero Lucifer (fresh from conquering three Chinese warrior girls, cheesily named 'Iski Lee, Uski Lee, Sabki Lee') from the clutches of Khalnayak Sanjay Dutt who pulps the iron sword with his hands. Ra.one crushes the rose and chases Sonia (Kareena) and Prateik (Armaan) as they indulge in rash driving and crash through a bus (all unscathed). Ra.one and G.one play ping pong with flying cars and perch on the top of big buildings. G.one defies logic and emerges triumphant in stopping a local train running at the speed of 100 km/hr. Football aided street fight outside Bombay's international airport is cleaned up by Chitti Rajni sir's entry, an icing on the electric cake for sure. And yes by the way, there are blessings from Ganpati ji as well.

The father son relationship is what makes Ra.one endearing. Wonder kid Armaan is a super find. He looks and behaves like Harry Potter. In a way he is the hero of the film. While Shahrukh will get all the applause and rewards, the kiddie crowd will take away the empowering feeling that like Lucifer Praeik, even they can control a super hero. Armaan-SRK bonding didn't need gimmicky special effects and that's where the 'human connect' works.

Shahrukh and Kareena's bonding is a bit of a mixed bag. Shekhar-Sonia chemistry is kinda thanda, G.one-Sonia's chemistry creates curiosity and is interesting. But in the second half, the emotional bonding tends to take away the focus and the film's pace slackens. The 'Condom Condom' joke was needless specially when kids are the prime target group. And why did Kareena want to specialise in spouting and decoding Hindi expletives (she seems to have become a specialist anyways, remember Jab We Met, Golmaal 3 and now Ra.one). Kareena has a one dimensional role. There is a small portion where one gets to see her villainous streak and she is really cool in that. Shahrukh goes all out to woo the classes and masses. He succeeds in a big way. As for Ra.one, well, I prefer Tom Wu's version to Arjun Rampal's one. Somehow Tom Wu has a surprise value that makes him look very mean while Arjun lays emphasis on displaying his chiseled physique rather than personify villainy.

The songs have been a big part of the film's promotions. And they are worth listening for sure as well. But in the film, the songs mostly seem out of place. The situation, for even a Chammak Challo, seems forced. The background score by Vishal-Shekhar is impressive while Resul Pookutty and Anup Dev's sound is special. Niranjan Iyengar and Kanika Dhillon's dialogues have a few smart lines (Log Raavan ko is liye har saal maarte hain kyunki vo kabhi marta nahin hai) but over all nothing extraordinary. Excellent VFX by Red Chillies makes Indian cinema proud. No penny is spared. The VFX sheen gives Ra.one a RICH feel in all respects. The gaming part is a bit over done but it has a novelty value that will appeal to the kids who live and die for a gaming console.

Ra.one may not be the best film of the year but one can safely say, the money, the promotions and the HART has delivered something worth remembering for sure. Go watch it (as if you wouldn't have seen it anyways)

Star Rating: *** stars

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Shahrukh Khan Causes Hungama At Ra.one Premiere Dubai

Ra.one press conference at grand hyatt Dubai

SRK Causes Hungama at Ra.one Premiere in Dubai

Monday, October 24, 2011

"I Don't Feel Invincible": Shahrukh Khan

I just spoke to one of the promoters of the Ra.one Premiere in Dubai and he said that SRK will be landing in Dubai shortly. There's a press conference at the Grand Hyatt hotel at 3 pm in the afternoon, followed by the Premiere at Grand Cine Plex at 6 pm and there's a grand dinner party at the Baniyas Ballroom in Grand Hyatt at 9:30 pm (All these timings are Dubai specific). Dinner tickets are available at Grand Cineplex and Grand Hyatt Dubai.

A huge ad for the premiere has appeared in 'Gulf News' paper with the headline: 'Ra.one Arrives in Dubai! Get ready to do Chammak Challo' with superstars Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The event has been put together by Essar Events. There are names of several sponsors, one of them is Filmfare Middle East. I never knew they had an edition for Middle East.

On the front page of 'Gulf News' there's a news report titled 'Shahrukh: UAE has been very kind towards my movies'. The report says: As a co-producer on what's billed as Bollywood's most expensive sci-fi venture-estimated to have cost over $20 million (Dh 73.45 million)-Khan's own money is also riding on the film, in which he plays an all-conquering superhero, G.one.

Here are a few of SRK's quotes in this news report:

1) I don't feel invincible at all, and whenever I do feel it, I try and do a film that challenges me. That keeps me younger, fitter, faster and better.

2) I am very fond of everything in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The UAE has been very kind towards my movies. Apart from that, it is an essential market for Indian movies.

3) Business wise it makes sense to me and my partner. After that, we head to London and Toronto.

I still remember the chaos that happened at the My Name Is Khan premiere at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi last year. There was a huge gathering and the fans went crazy trying to get close to the stars, especially Shahrukh. A middle aged woman had tripped in front of me and fell down as SRK walked past her. Once the stars had gone in, a few senior journalists were invited inside as well. Before the film began, Kajol, Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan came on the stage. SRK did a small jig on the stage, blew kisses towards the fans who were screaming the loudest and then the film began. It was a huge auditorium and it was absolutely full. I was moved by the film immensely and so were my friends from the news channels. Once the film ended, we spoke to several viewers (from various nationalities) and got their reactions. There were families, small excited kids, Arabs speaking in broken English...the film had touched everyone's hearts. Here's the video of MNIK Premiere in Abu Dhabi on Bollywood Hungama.


I am sure today's premiere will be a Big event as well. There's a tremendous excitement amongst the locals out here. A few months back, we had covered 'Ready' premiere at the Grand Cineplex here in Dubai. Salman's entry had created a huge commotion. Our cameraman Tahir Shaikh had done a great job in getting awesome visuals. Here's the video of the Ready premiere in Dubai

Aazan premiere in Dubai earlier this month didn't have much excitement. It was a quiet affair with negligible presence of aam junta.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Aamir Khan To Attend London Premiere Of 'Ra.one'?

I'm at the Bombay airport, waiting to board my flight to Dubai where we shall be covering the Ra.one Premiere. There's a Press Conference tomorrow afternoon, Premiere in the evening and an After Party in the night. Shahrukh and Kareena will be present. We at Bollywood Hungama will try and bring the best possible coverage for all the fans across the world. Hopefully our coverage will be different than the rest of em.

We were promised a Shahrukh Khan interview. It hasn't happened so far. Not sure if it will happen in the near future either. For all the SRK fans, spamming me with their emails as to why we haven't done the interviews of Shahrukh and other stars from Ra.one (including VFX guys, I'm keen on doing interview with the kid in the film too), well, our repeated requests have gone unanswered.

We did interview Kareena a couple of days back but in tragic circumstances, the interview tape got misplaced as the delivery boy carrying it, met with a bad accident. I'm glad the boy is still alive. Kareena was enthusiastic about the interview. She spoke on Chammak Challo becoming a rage and laughed off Rakhi Sawant's claims that she'd have made a better Chammak Challo than Bebo. Kareena spoke on Heroine. The shooting starts from November 25 and she is kicked about the script. She didn't reveal any dope about her Look at the Madame Tussauds. She'll be accompanied by her mum and best friend. "Saif won't be able to come as he is shooting in Bikaner for Agent Vinod, Karisma is busy with her shooting as well," Kareena said. Will Aamir be attending Ra.one premiere in London since he is reaching there for the shooting of 'Dhuaan'? "Aamir will be reaching London on Oct 29 so he won't be able to attend the premiere." Kareena also spoke on how she manages to work with all the Khans without upsetting anyone. She was all praise for Gauri Khan. "I share a great equation with Gauri. She is like a sister. We get along very well." Its said that you guys won't be able to see this interview with Kareena. Its destiny I guess.

On the way to the Airport, I completed composing and writing a song for Aarefa's birthday (Oct 27). It is not a cakewalk, writing or composing anything for Aarefa, as she is not easily impressed. There's a lot of stuff that I rejected keeping Aarefa's thought process in mind. She has liked the lyrics. Let's see what she thinks of it once I record it after comin back from Dubai. Here are a couple of lines from this song called 'Haan Naaz Hai....'

SMS ki khushboo se mobile mein hulchul hai
Sannaton ke shor mein saath tumhara hur pal hai

Shaam ki kashti, raat kinaara, sukoon patvaar hai
Mehnat tumhaari, kismat hamaari, khushiyon ki bharmaar hai

Haan Naaz Hai....Naaz hai....

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Breaking News: Aamir Khan To Announce His TV Show On Oct 22

Aamir Khan will be announcing his entry in the lucrative Television arena this saturday Oct 22 at a five star hotel in Bombay. The show will be aired on Star Plus. So, will Aamir be hosting a Chat Show? Will he be hosting a Reality Show? All the questions will be answered on Saturday.
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Send Questions For Shahrukh Khan

Guys send in your questions for an interview with Shahrukh Khan at faridoonshahryar@gmail.com. Will try and take a few questions, time permitting...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SRK Fan Rina Golan's Casting Couch Truth

Here's an interesting interview with Rina Golan, a Shahrukh Khan fan from Israel who has written a book 'Dear Mister Bollywood'. This book is making news in Bombay these days as Rina has made Casting Couch allegations on some senior Bollywood biggies.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sonu Sood, Vinod Khanna in Dabanng 2, Aishwarya's God Bharaai

As is well known by now, Dabanng 2 shooting will start in March 2012 and it will release on Christmas 2012. Arbaaz Khan is the producer director of the film. Apart from Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha, Arbaaz Khan, Vinod Khanna and Sonu Sood (he died in Dabanng) are also part of the starcast. Talks are on with Prakash Raj as well for a role in the film. The script is being penned by Dilip Shukla who was the co-writer (along with Abhinav Kashyap) of Dabangg. Music is by Sajid Wajid.

The God Bharaai ceremony of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan happened at their bungalow Jalsa in Bombay today. Raveena Tandon, Karan Johar, Sonam Kapoor, Saira Bano, Poonam Sinha, Twinkle Khanna, Manyata Dutt, Hansika Motwani were a few of the guests who came.
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Shahid Kapoor To Work With Siddharth Anand?

Shahid Kapoor along with Anjana Anjani director Siddharth Anand were recently seen at the newly opened Verandah Restauarnt at Grand Hyatt, Goa. Shahid had tweeted a few days back that three of his films will go on floors (@shahidkapoor What's up world .... Been busy working away ... A thousand meets .. Seems like next year is gonna b hectic !! 3 films to go on floors). It wouldn't be surprising if one of those films is directed by Siddharth Anand.

Don-The Origin Comic Book To Be Launched On Oct 23

Press Release

First Look of Don: The Origin, Comic to be unveiled by Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani at Comic Con Express Mumbai

The comic is a pre-cursor to the Shahrukh Khan Starrer Don 2 produced by Excel Entertainment

India, October 18’ 2011 – Comic Con Express Mumbai is all excited to announce the launch of the DON: The Origin, comic novel at the Comic Con Express Mumbai at the World Trade Centre on the 23rd of October. Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani for the first time will officially reveal and unveil the look of the ‘DON: The Origin’ in public and talk about the film and storyline of the comic.

The Comic is basically an original story; taking readers back in time and helping them understand how Don came into being.

“Comics are an instrumental tool to create and reach out to a new genre of audiences. Don: the Origin, is a pre-cursor to the eagerly awaited Film Don 2: the Chase Continues. It is a very positive development to see Indian Film makers realizing the enormous potential that the world of comics possess and thereby seeing them willing to adopt innovative ways to market their Films”, explains, Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con India.

Ritesh Sidhwani, Producer, Don 2, said, “Audiences have dictated the need to create. It started with the remake in 2006 and now comes the next chapter. The comic book is a prequel ….the making of Don. With this we expect to take Don’s fan following to the next level.”

Farhan Akhtar, Director, Don 2, says, “Don as a character, a master mind has created an iconic image for himself which has held good over generations…The second edition that released in 2006 made us realize it was time to comic book the icon. For me a dream is being sketched”.

Don 2: The Chase Continues is the upcoming Indian action thriller film produced by Excel Entertainment and directed by Farhan Akhtar. It is the sequel to the 2006 film, Don: The Chase Begins Again, which itself was a remake of the 1978 film Don. The film stars Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, Boman Irani, Om Puri and Kunal Kapoor.

The first ever Comic Con Express, the travelling version of the Indian Comic Con, the national Indian Comics Convention will be held at the World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade in Mumbai from 22-23rd October, 2011 between 10am- 8pm. It is a unique event celebrating the illustrated medium, which brings together the whole comics industry and related fields such as Merchandise, Toys, Games, Films and Animation, along with fans of this culture from all age groups.

Check out this video


Monday, October 17, 2011

King Khan Film Festival: Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Part 1

Presenting the first part of 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' under Bollywood Hungama's special offering 'King Khan Film Festival'. I had mentioned about an SRK surprise on Twitter long time back. It is finally becoming a reality. There are four more films to go in this festival over the next few days.

This particular episode is special, for you actually get to see Aditya Chopra in flesh and blood. I really don't understand why he hides himself from the public gaze. Anyways, DDLJ is a film that I have seen the maximum number of times. In a cinema hall. When it released, I was studying in AMU. One of my friends was involved in a one sided love story. And the girl whom he desperately loved (she didn't bother about him, nor did she know) looked like Simran (Kajol). At least that's what he said (when we actually saw his object of desperate affection, we disagreed completely, but that's another story altogether). He saw DDLJ thrice in a span of three days and paid for our tickets as well. I liked the film so I didn't mind watching it again and again (specially when someone else was paying for my ticket). When I came to Bombay, I was living in Byculla which is close to Maratha Mandir Cinema Hall (The cine hall that has been running a noon show of DDLJ for the past 16 years). I've seen DDLJ in Maratha Mandir innumerable number of times. Each time that I've seen it, the hall has been 60-70% full and the public enjoyed it. So did I.

Well, this video has a nice collection of some wonderful memories from the shooting experience of this cult film. Check out the locations in Punjab and Europe. Check out Shahrukh and Kajol enjoying themselves in their glorious youthful glory. Good to see Amrish Puri ji who's no more. Anupam Kher has a proud moment when he says that his wife Kiron Kher had suggested the title to Chopras. Farida Jalal is adorable. Kajol gets into a laughing fit as choreographer Saroj Khan tells her a dance step. Also, there are some deleted scenes from DDLJ in this video.

Did you know Aditya Chopra had Tom Cruise in mind for the role played by SRK? Saif Ali Khan had been approached for playing Raj but he turned it down. Hah, how he must have regretted it all his life. Time for some lights, camera, action! Enjoy!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hema Malini Aur Dharmendra Ke Saath Ek Shaam

Hazaron saal nargis apni benoori par roti hai
Badi mushkil se hota hai chaman mein Dharmendra paida

This is the Urdu couplet (minor alteration is there of course) with which I ended my interview with the amazing Dharmendra ji a short while back. Sitting with him, looking at his child like face and precious warmth oozing out from his persona....I was in a daze. His childhood stories when he snuggled close to his dad and how his dad asked him to tell Maths Tables and how his mom told him to always ensure that the kitchen should always be open to whoever comes to your home. He thanked his parents for their genes that made him so handsome and naturally physically fit.

Dharam ji recounted the famous 'suicide' scene from Sholay and how he added the ji to 'Mausi' making it Mausi Ji, the memorable Mausi ji. Why did Jai always put him in a spot with regards to his personal life by bitching about him to Mausi and Basanti and then saves his life at the end. "Ek lawaris hi doosre laawaris ki jaan bacha sakta hai," Dharam ji said about Jai's sacrifice at the end of the film. Dharam ji recited a few Urdu couplets. Off camera, he said "Hum ahle zabaan to na sahi lekin Urdu se mohabbat bahut hai" (Urdu may not be a language that's part of my paradigm but I love it very much). It has often been said that with partition, Urdu became Pakistan's language while Hindi got stuck to India. I told Dharam ji, "Sir, Urdu aapki bhi ahle zabaan hai. You are from Punjab and Urdu is an intrinsic part of Punjabi and hence Indian culture". Dharam ji hugged me after listening to this. Truly memorable experience.

Right before Dharam ji's interview, I had interviewed Hema Malini ji. Hema ji's bungalow in Juhu is a stone's throw away from Dharam ji's bungalow. Today is Hema ji's birthday. She looked radiant in a yellow sari. Hema ji is excited about Tell Me O Khuda and she is keen to step up the gas on its promotions. She said, she has realised it now that today promoting a film rightly has become very important. Hema ji spoke on launching Shahrukh with Dil Aashna Hai and how Salman has added a lot of zing with his special appearance in 'Someone Somebody' number that will be used as a promotional video coming with the end credits.

Hema ji went down memory lane and spoke about how Basanti is an intrinsic part of her life. She remembered how she has to say the 'Chal Dhanno' dialogue even if she goes for political rallies. Hema ji was visibly moved as we talked about 'Razia Sultan', a film that took 8 years in making and didn't do well at the Box Office. She says that she'd love to remake it with Esha. 'Ae Dil e nadaan' from Razia Sultan is one of her best songs, she said. Hema ji also spoke about other special roles like 'Seeta Aur Geeta', 'Meera', the bike speeding experience in 'Naseeb', working with Mr Bachchan in films like 'Baaghban', 'Baabul' and 'Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap' in the recent times. She discussed her jodi with Dharam ji, her passion for dancing and how her TV serial 'Nupur' still remains special.

We also interviewed Esha Deol and Arjan Bajwa today. Esha looks in great shape. I asked her why does she refer to Salman as Salman bhai considering she has done romantic roles with him. What did she say? Find out soon :)

Great day. Memorable for sure.

Hope you guys are rocking!!!!!

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Friday, October 14, 2011

My Reviews: Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, Azaan And My Friend Pinto

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge

Using a friend's Facebook without permission (and without being caught) seems like a piece of cake. Well, if you can pardon a few cinematic-liberty-bloopers, Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge is an entertaining film (Y Films get it right with their second outing, yup now 'Youth' looks real and believeable) with some wonderful witty lines by Anvita Dutt that captures the internet-n-mobile-lingo-culture engagingly.

Saqib Salim makes an excellent debut. He has a fine comic timing and a good control over his dialogue delivery and body language. Saba Azad is excellent. These two are the talents to watch out for. Tara Dsouza is effective as the sexy girl with a heart-of-chocolate while Nishant Dahiya has an endearing appeal and an easy charm. Hackey, the guy who plays Saqib's friend is very funny.

All the songs are worth humming and the somewhat predictable tale (and a somewhat corny climax) is narrated interestingly. Cornetto and Samsung will be happy with their public-display-of-'affection'. Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge (the title is cheesy for sure) is a fun, breezy romantic comedy that's worth its ticket price. Cola will retain its fizz and Pop Corn will taste crunchy. Go for it. Star Rating: *** stars


"We would like to have your permission to infiltrate China," a lady Interpol officer based in India says to a minister. Well, baby, wish it was so easy to infiltrate China by seeking diplomatic permissions. The bizarre idea and a conscious attempt to showcase Sachiin Joshi as an unlikely Rambo like hero fails Azaan.

The script is flawed and the pace of the film is too fast. Many questions are left unanswered and many sequences are too hurried, all in the name of making a fast paced thriller. To be fair, the film has an engaging first half. Shot beautifully, nice editing chops and a good music score are the highlights.

Many of the forein actors are impressive, Sachiin tries hard (sensibly, he speaks less as the dialogue delivery is not his forte) and looks earnest. Candice Boucher has a small role but looks stunning in traditional clothes, Ravi Kissen is unintentionally funny as the RAW agent. The foreign locations are used to showoff the scale of the film. It was definitely not required to stretch the expanse of the film so much.

Azaan is not a great film (though it pretends to be), has its howlarious bloopers in the script but its not unwatchable either. Star rating ** stars.

My Friend Pinto

Sanjay Leela Bhansali does it again! This time as a producer. Exotic lamp posts on a Mumbai road. A car catches fire in the middle of the road and silence prevails, all hunky dory, Prateik-Kalki fly high in sky caressing the clouds, rain of money causes a never ending traffic jam...My Friend Pinto.... And he is good to a fault, geeky but nice (where did we see this before....Hmmmm) and whoever he meets, ends up getting 'lucky'.

Prateik kinda smiles too much but is endearing. Kalki is hardly there while a bunch of loony bad guys in Makrand Deshpande, Amin n Karim Haji, missing-tooth-baddie make you literally search for the Exit door.

Music is hummable. Story, screenplay, dialogues and direction (what's that!) Are silly and the film bores you to Zzzzz.... After a point of time, I couldn't stand 'My Friend Pinto'. Its better that you make friends with some quality sleep this weekend rather than forced sleep in a theatre. Star Rating * 1/2 stars.
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Ra.one Or G.one: What's Your Pick?

Check out the promo that all of you guys were waiting for. The Ra.one promo that showcases Arjun Rampal's look in the film. So, whats your pick now, Ra.one or G.one? Be honest!!!


"Frank, Fun Interview With The Really Cool Faridoon S": Chetan Bhagat

Check out the two part interview of Chetan Bhagat where he talks about his fifth novel Revolution 2020, revisits the 3 Idiots Controversy, talks about the films based on his novels Two States and 'Three Mistakes Of My Life'

This is what Chetan wrote about me on Twitter. Thanks Chetan!

@Chetan Bhagat
Q a frank,fun interview with the really cool Faridoon S: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1zKPtwkn1I

SRK To Launch G.one GeForce Gaming Cards/ 'Donism' Begin

Shahrukh Khan and Nvidia will launch G.one GeForce gaming cards today in Bombay.

Donisms have started exclusively on Bollywood Hungama from today. Check out the first one:


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Choppy Flight, Ra.one Ties Up With Horlicks

Back in Bombay a short while back. It was a choppy flight since it was raining (spiked by lightening) in Bombay. The turbulent weather ensured it was a bumpy ride. A few of the media guys puked in the plane while a few others got rather panicky. I was worked up from inside but I joined a bunch of guys who were trying to humour everyone around by cracking silly jokes. It definitely eased the tension. When the pilot expertly hit the ground and speeded along, all of us clapped. Rather filmi I must say :)

Dubai trip went well aided by minimum sleep. The press conference and the premiere were covered. The After Party at Armani club (right next to Burj Khaleefa, the tallest building in the world) was great fun. A media contingent from London had also come to cover Azaan premiere in Dubai. As we went back to the awesome Jumeira Beach Hotel in the middle of the night, a lot of song n dance happened in the Bus with a heavy-accented Indo-British guy offering cool entertainment with his unintentionally funny ways.

It is always heartening that each time I come to Dubai or Abu Dhabi, there are several random people who come up and praise my work on Bollywood Hungama. This time, there was an anchor from ARY News, London, a guy who was a B4U VJ and now settled in London, a girl from a Radio Spice, Dubai and another guy while watching Azaan, approached me and lavishly praised my interviews, video reviews etc. It is really encouraging. In fact a colleague of mine told me that I should visit Europe, USA, Africa etc and go in the pockets where Asians reside and it would be surprising that how much people know-n-appreciate my work on Bollywood Hungama.

Ra.one has tied up with Horlicks. There was a press conference in Gurgaon today and according to the press release Shahrukh had graced the function. 'Ra.one' premiere will be happening in Dubai on Oct 24th. Not sure if we will be covering it. According to reports, SRK will be visiting Dubai on Oct 14 with regards to some brand endorsement.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SRK At Azaan Premiere In Dubai? Big B's Birthday

I'm on my way to Dubai for covering the premiere of Sachin Joshi's 'Aazaan'. The premiere is tomorrow, Oct 12 at the Grand Cineplex. At the airport, we heard rumours that Shahrukh Khan will be attending the premiere. Apparently, Mallika Sherawat, Minisha Lamba and Sohail Khan are the confirmed guests and a few more celebrities are expected apart from Sachin Joshi and Candice Boucher. My elder brother and sister are also in Dubai, so we'll catch up as well.

Today is Mr Bachchan's birthday. There's an event that has been organised by the KBC team at a Bombay hotel. But I guess, the celebrations will be slightly low key keeping Jagjit Singh sbs demise yesterday into account. Most of the events had been cancelled yesterday. Mr Bachchan is a great guy and I wish him lots of best wishes. Yes, there has been criticism with regards to his political flip flops and over protectiveness of Abhishek, so much so that Abhishek is still referred to as a star kid rather than finding a well defined niche of his own. I guess no one is perfect and Mr Bachchan will have to live with his share of criticism but still he is a phenomenon and nothing can change that.

I've interviewd Mr Bachchan several times. He is a delight. I still remember, the interview that we did post 'Paa' release where he spoke-n-behaved in the Auro mode. Absolute magic. He had completely transformed into the character. Each time I meet Big B, the images of Laawaris, Naseeb, Suhaag, Kaalia, Namak Halaal, Sholay, Kala Paththar, Hum, Agneepath, Amar Akbar Anthony, Anand, Saudagar start percolating in my mind. I've spoken to him about many of his films. He enjoys talking about his works in a self effacing manner and that's really endearing about him. In recent times, I enjoyed his work in Nishabd, Buddha Hoga Tera Baap, Paa, Baaghbaan, Black etc. He is truly an inspiration in class, karma, hard work, tenacity, good sense of humour and excellence. Happy Birthday Sir.

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vulgar Rascals, Priyanka's 'People', Big B's Hanuman Chaleesa

David Dhawan's Rascals easily qualifies as one of the worst films of 2011. Loud, mad, vulgar and downright silly. Kangana Ranaut touched a new low with a shameless display of shedding-clothes-like-a-C-grade wannabe. Writing is crass, gags are limp and the saddest part is that such a dignified actor as Ajay Devgn is part of this sorry-comedy. Vishal Shekhar's music is bad. In fact nothing goes right with this movie. Do yourself a favour and stay far away from these Rascals. Star rating: Forget It!!!!

At an event in Bombay today Priyanka Chopra is being awarded People Magazine's Best Dressed of 2011. Considering that off late, Priyanka has been in news for her alleged linkups, breakup and being reportedly snubbed by a star wife, this award will hopefully bring some positive press.

Amitabh Bachchan will launch Hanuman Chaleesa (that is partly produced by his production house) at an event in a film studio tomorrow Oct 9. Bachchan has given his voice to this venture alongwith twenty other singers from the film industry. Incidentally Mr Bachchan celebrates his 69th birthday on Oct 11.

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Friday, October 7, 2011

LBZ, Rockstar Music, SRK In 2 States?

Love Breakups Zindagi is a predictable love story with a nice first half and a loooong n convulated second half. What you take home is the progressive track of Cyrus Sahukar and Tisca Chopra. The older woman-younger man relationship has been explored well. Boman Irani, as Tisca's father, in one scene, steals everyone else's thunder. Zayed is good and so is Dia. The music is superb and the cinematography is wonderful. The in film advertising is over done. Jet Airways, In.com, Bascin Robbins, Cafe Coffee Day and then Shahrukh Khan doin his D Decor bit. The writing meanders from smart to ordinary. The sense of humour is intelligent in parts. If you have lots of free time, are willing to pardon the lennngggthhh of the film, then Love Breakups Zindagi is a somewhat 'love'ly experience. Star Rating: 2 1/2 stars.

These days I am constantly listening to the songs of 'Rockstar' and 'Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge'. Rockstar is a classic album that grows with each listening. Rahman is on the top of the game while Irshad Kamil has written very good lyrics. In fact Kamil is one of the best lyricists that we have today, better than the seasoned professionals in the market. My favourite song from the album is 'Sheher Main'. I just love the vibrancy and ebbulience of this number. Sadda Haq is a perfect Rock anthem with its mad guitar riffs and high octane energy. Tum Ho is a wonderful romantic song with superb music arrangements and the mountain-cloud-chorus that starts off the proceedings. Rockstar is an extremely well produced album in all respects. But there are several songs, which in spite of being great tracks musically, are low on mass appeal. Nadaan Parindey and Hawa Hawa are wow songs for me, but not sure, how the aam janta will react to it. Same with Kun Faya Kun. A lot will depend on how the songs are woven in the narrative of the film.

Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge's music has been composed by Raghu Dixit. Almost all the songs are fun numbers. Har Saans Mein is a traditional number, a sorta rock qawwali, sung by Raghu himself. Dheaoon, Baatein Shuru, Uh oh, the rocked up Choo Le...its a nice album that's worth a listen for sure.

Interviewed Chetan Bhagat today. He is a delight. His next book 'Revolution 2020' is being launched today. Chetan spoke on his latest book. He also spoke on the 3 Idiots controversy where he felt that he was shortchanged as far as the rightful credit is concerned. Chetan spoke on the 2 States novel that is being made into a film. Bhagat said that Sajid Nadiadwala has bought the rights for the book. He is not sure if Shahrukh Khan will be there. Chetan also spoke on his other novel 'The Three Mistakes Of My Life' that is being adapted by Abhishek Kapoor for Excel Films. Chetan says that he has written a screenplay called 'Love Practicals' which can be made into a movie. I also asked Chetan about his role as a Youth Icon courtesy his columns and how he reacts to critics who question his English writing skills. First part tomorrow.

Shahrukh Khan is shooting for an episode with Mr Bachchan for KBC today. The music launch of Hema Malini's Tell Me O Khuda happening today as well. So is the Success Party of Force. Also, the first look of Shiney Ahuja's 'Ghost' will be happening today as well.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Tribute To Shammi Kapoor


‘Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paaoge’ – Shammi Kapoor Resurrects
A tribute to late Shammi Kapoor – An exhibition of memorabilia (9th October – 22nd October 2011) at CSMVS, Mumbai

An opportunity to revisit the magic of the Dancing Hero of the 1950s and 60s Indian cinema is right here at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India) as the Museum presents an exhibition ‘Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paaoge’ – an exhibition of memorabilia related to late veteran actor Shammi Kapoor’s movies.

This exhibition is a nostalgic tribute to the veteran actor and will outline his journey of two decades as a film hero through posters, photographs, songbooks, press cuttings and censor board certificates of his movies.

Shamsher Raj Kapoor (born 21st October 1931) popularly known as Shammi Kapoor began his career in 1951 with ‘Jeevan Jyoti’ with debutant Chand Usmani. However, his career took off only in 1957 when ‘Tumsa Nahi Dekha’ hit the screens and with it was reborn Shammi Kapoor in a swashbuckling, debonair avatar. Cleanshaven, hair cropped in a Presley duck-tail, he exploded on the Indian film scene at a time when Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and Dilip Kumar were ruling the roost. Shammi Kapoor threw convention out of the window with his boisterous, mad, rockstar bearing, never seen before on the Hindi silver screen and swept with him an entire generation of Indian cinemagoers. Hailed as the ‘Elvis Presley of India’, he became the face of the swinging 60s and had the young audiences deliriously yelling ‘Yahoo!’ after him.

Success came with several hits like Dil Deke Dekho, ‘Junglee’, ‘Professor’,‘Kashmir Ki Kali’,‘Chinatown’, ‘Janwar’, ‘Teesri Manzil’, and ‘An Evening in Paris’. His ‘Brahmachari’ fetched him his only Filmfare Award for Best Actor in 1968. His versatility pervaded through all these films as he silenced his critics with films such as ‘Junglee’, ‘Budtameez’, ‘Bluffmaster’ and ‘Brahmachari’. After an accident whilst singing on an elephant back, dancing became painful and he took to doing only character roles. His ‘Chhote Sarkar’ was his last film as a Hero. His last film, ‘Rockstar’ awaits release. He died on 14th August 2011, just two months short of his 80th birthday. He lived a full life and gave great joy and many happy memories to millions.

The collection to be exhibited has been generously offered to the Museum for exhibition by Mr. Rajan Jayakar, who is an avid collector of historic material and memorabilia. An advocate by profession, Mr. Jayakar has curated several exhibitions 125 years of Bombay High Court in High Court Building (1987), 125 years of Bombay at Port Trust at Durbar Hall of Asiatic Society (1998), 50 years of Supreme Court of India in New Delhi (2000) and many more such exhibitions on several themes related to Bombay and its history.

Mr. Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Director, CSMVS said:

‘This exhibition is a unique initiative on part of the Museum as for the first time a collector’s personal collection will be on display in the Museum. This will create access for the general to such priceless memorabilia. I would urge people not to miss out on this exhibition. The Museum will also be planning other programmes in conjunction with the exhibition.’

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Shammi Kapoor’s son Aditya Raj Kapoor and Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra on 8th October 2011 and will be open to public from the 9th until 22nd October, 10.15am to 6.00pm. There is no extra fee for the exhibition.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

"Munnabhai Part 3 Starting In July 2012": Sanjay Dutt

I finally got to interview Sanjay Dutt today at Mahboob Studio. We've had three cancellations, so I was apprehensive about today (specially because it is a Sunday and I didn't want to spoil it). In fact, it was a joint interview with Sanjay Dutt and Ajay Devgn. Dutt looks in very good shape. It is apparent that he has been regularly working out.

Ajay Devgn is one of my favourite actors. Not merely because he is a big star. Not merely because he is one of the most versatile actors in the industry. For me Ajay is a Rockstar because of his simplicity and no nonsense attitude. He is always on time, interacts with his team members or journos without throwing attitude and is courteous-n-respectful. I congratulated him on Singham and mentioned that there's a sequel in this possible franchise since the character is dynamic-n-memorable. Ajay said that they'll think over it if a script comes their way.

The interview is a very cut-to-cut experience since both Sanjay and Ajay are very precise and to the point. Ajay spoke about Sanjay's look in 'Agneepath'. Dutt said he didn't feel like a Producer as Ajay was the one who ensured all goes well on the sets and there are no hiccups. Sanjay says, Munnabhai part 3 should be starting in July 2012. Ajay-Sanjay are working in one more film together 'Son Of Sardar'. The duo also spoke about favourite films of each other.

I asked David Dhawan, why Ajay and Sanjay's names in the film are named Chetan Bhagat. Dhawan said, it was a coincidence. He also said that writer Chetan Bhagat had called him up as well with regards to the same. Dhawan also spoke on the allegations of him copying Hollywood films.

Yesterday, I chatted up with John Abraham on the sets of Housefull 2. Abraham is excited with the positive response to 'Force' at the Box Office. John also answered to the criticism that is coming the film's way.

Both John Abraham as well as Sanjay-Ajay interviews will be up tomorrow morning.
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