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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ra.one Or G.one: What's Your Pick?

Check out the promo that all of you guys were waiting for. The Ra.one promo that showcases Arjun Rampal's look in the film. So, whats your pick now, Ra.one or G.one? Be honest!!!



  1. You're asking us??? We are so biased..lol..well I am :-P
    Arjuns look is different in comparison to all of the faces. The concept and the makeup reminds me of Return of The Sith and Ganjanni Wolverine in those shots. But thats not to say they are 'copied'. G.One on the other hand is completely original. The gear may be like Batmans in concept too but there are other gadgets like the propulsion boots. What I like is the coloring Ra. One is red G. One is blue. What significance that means is subjective. The difference like SRK says he wears no mask like Superman who is the quick change artist Clark Kent. So here I think we have someone who can change with the times and not be a static hero. Maybe thats the whole point.

  2. Arjuns Look in the film is great.I really like his look!

    My pick ?...mhhh both now :D

  3. And as an after thought I guess..the closer the release gets what I am looking for is not the technological aspects as much as the details that follow along with the movie. If the editing and the story line are not consistent then G.One wont fly. On the other hand the translation into english has to be consistent and smooth also. Not just because I am Hindi impaired or an outsider to BW but because on a global platform this movie could break alot of ground and some language barriers if indeed SRK is 'The King Of The World'. Just have to wait and see if it all pans out.

  4. all boils down to the release date...once the world sees it, we'll see whether ra.one flies or not...anticipation for the film is tremendous though

  5. G.One hands down. I much prefer blue over red :) And thankfully G.One got rid of these horrible locks.

    I'm crossing my fingers that Ra.One opens bigger than those Salman movies.

  6. Loving the arjun promo of Ra.One! Hes looks different, first time ever being 'bald' and i think hes going to be an awesome villain! I pick Ra.one! Looking forward to seeing this movie!