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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hrithik's Madame Tussauds Statue, Most Kissed?


Hrithik Roshan Most Kiseed!!!
The actor's statue at Madame Tussauds is one of the most kissed statue!!!

Actor Hrithik Roshans waxed statue at Madame Tusads has sneaked its way past its hollywood counterparts to emrge among the top 10 most kissed statues in the museum. Though the official press statement of the museum is yet to come a source confirms that he has indeed made it to the top 10. Incidently last year actor Shah Rukh Khan had made it to the list of Top 10. Madame Tusads releases a list every year about the top 10 most kissed statues in their museum. Last year SRK's statue was among the top 10. This year though the official press release is yet to come their survey shows that Hrithik is among the Top 10 kissed statues says a source.

Incidently even though the museum officials keep a total count, sources say that atleast 20% of total kissers are guys and the rest are women, mostly under the age of 30. The girls and kids just love him and his popularity has been growing globally thanks to his reality show and also the fact that kids love him as Krrish and girls for his sex appeal. I think it is for the first time that a statue in its first year has been among the top 10 most kissed waxed works" the source adds.

Hrithik's the youngest !!!

Hrithik's waxed staue was thrown open to the public on 20th January 2011. His dhoom look was selected as the look of the statue. He is the youngest male actor from India to be honoured by Madame Tusad's. Roshan was completely involved in the creation of the figure attending two sittings in Mumbai and London where sculptors captured a catalogue of referance photographs and hundreds precise measurements. Hrithik also donated the red shirt and dark blue jeans, his figure is wearing. The figure took 4 months to make at a cost of around 150 000 Pounds.


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