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Monday, October 24, 2011

"I Don't Feel Invincible": Shahrukh Khan

I just spoke to one of the promoters of the Ra.one Premiere in Dubai and he said that SRK will be landing in Dubai shortly. There's a press conference at the Grand Hyatt hotel at 3 pm in the afternoon, followed by the Premiere at Grand Cine Plex at 6 pm and there's a grand dinner party at the Baniyas Ballroom in Grand Hyatt at 9:30 pm (All these timings are Dubai specific). Dinner tickets are available at Grand Cineplex and Grand Hyatt Dubai.

A huge ad for the premiere has appeared in 'Gulf News' paper with the headline: 'Ra.one Arrives in Dubai! Get ready to do Chammak Challo' with superstars Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal. The event has been put together by Essar Events. There are names of several sponsors, one of them is Filmfare Middle East. I never knew they had an edition for Middle East.

On the front page of 'Gulf News' there's a news report titled 'Shahrukh: UAE has been very kind towards my movies'. The report says: As a co-producer on what's billed as Bollywood's most expensive sci-fi venture-estimated to have cost over $20 million (Dh 73.45 million)-Khan's own money is also riding on the film, in which he plays an all-conquering superhero, G.one.

Here are a few of SRK's quotes in this news report:

1) I don't feel invincible at all, and whenever I do feel it, I try and do a film that challenges me. That keeps me younger, fitter, faster and better.

2) I am very fond of everything in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. The UAE has been very kind towards my movies. Apart from that, it is an essential market for Indian movies.

3) Business wise it makes sense to me and my partner. After that, we head to London and Toronto.

I still remember the chaos that happened at the My Name Is Khan premiere at Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi last year. There was a huge gathering and the fans went crazy trying to get close to the stars, especially Shahrukh. A middle aged woman had tripped in front of me and fell down as SRK walked past her. Once the stars had gone in, a few senior journalists were invited inside as well. Before the film began, Kajol, Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan came on the stage. SRK did a small jig on the stage, blew kisses towards the fans who were screaming the loudest and then the film began. It was a huge auditorium and it was absolutely full. I was moved by the film immensely and so were my friends from the news channels. Once the film ended, we spoke to several viewers (from various nationalities) and got their reactions. There were families, small excited kids, Arabs speaking in broken English...the film had touched everyone's hearts. Here's the video of MNIK Premiere in Abu Dhabi on Bollywood Hungama.


I am sure today's premiere will be a Big event as well. There's a tremendous excitement amongst the locals out here. A few months back, we had covered 'Ready' premiere at the Grand Cineplex here in Dubai. Salman's entry had created a huge commotion. Our cameraman Tahir Shaikh had done a great job in getting awesome visuals. Here's the video of the Ready premiere in Dubai

Aazan premiere in Dubai earlier this month didn't have much excitement. It was a quiet affair with negligible presence of aam junta.


  1. Forget the party! We're waiting for your review!!!

  2. Yup Celeste even i m lukin forward to watchin the film....donno if that will happen today


  3. Ah.. wherever you may end up Faridoon we will wait
    Game On !

  4. Really??? Is there such a mess? Then: good luck!

  5. One of the most anticipated movies of this year. Yikes, so much expectations from this movie, and the promos have just cemented that expectation. SRK deserves all the love that's coming his way. Hope this sets a cracking start to Diwali. Always love watching movies in India due to the atmosphere. Have fun, Faridoon! Would be waiting for the review. :)

  6. ya Nikki its very eagerly anticipated...watching it today...i guess u r saying that to srk Cinderella :) thanks Margaret...yup it was a bit of a mess Celeste