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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Govinda To Produce Film For Daughter Narmada

Govinda will be launching his daughter Narmada in a film produced by his own production house. Govinda had earlier produced Ssukh which failed at the Box Office. Incidentally Govinda completes 25 years in the film industry this year.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just Move On...

Fears try and
Nibble away
At the confidence,
Wagging tongues
Frantically grope
For a 'reaction';
The unusual drama
Of fluctuating behaviours
Is baffling,
There's no point
In being sad
Or sorry...
Just move on.

Will always be
By the moody mind;
The Wrong
May have been Right
Or vice versa;
Isn't it futile
To over analyse
And procrastinate
Do shed a few tears,
For you must,
And then,
Open the door
Of new discoveries...
Just move on.

Everyone judges
Everyone else,
Those who have
Better things to do,
Maybe judge a little less;
Do not be afraid
Of random 'judgements'
For, they are
Written on water,
Destined to be 
Washed away;
Shake hands
With your Talent,
Just move on. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

"Discrimination Against Homosexuals Is Wrong": Hrithik Roshan

Well, this is the press release sent by Hrithik Roshan's PR team. Knowing Hrithik, I can safely say, whatever he has mentioned below, it is coming from his heart. Hrithik is not someone to say things merely for the sake of 'saying' or for an 'effect'. There's a certain section of depraved people who'd mock you for standing up for the rights of homosexuals. I find it damn silly. If we can support 'freedom of expression' then we must consider sexual preferences as part of 'freedom of expression' as well. Over to Hrithik: 

How can something natural be immoral?

The issue of gay rights caused another brouhaha on Thursday, with the home ministry calling gay sex “immoral” and “against social order”, even seeking a fresh ban on it. Additional Social General (ASG) PP Malhotra appeared for the ministry and argued that Indian society is different from other countries, and could not imitate practices prevalent in foreign countries. “There is a high chance of spreading of diseases through such acts,” he contended, opposing the Delhi’s High Court order which had in 2009 decriminalised gay sex as provided in Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

While the home ministry later made it clear that Malhotra’s opposition did not reflect the government’s decision not to take sides on gay sex, gay icon Hrithik Roshan is not ready to sit on the fence. He speaks out against discrimination and more. 

“Discrimination against homosexuals is exactly that — discrimination. And ANY form of discrimination is WRONG. It’s taken us hundreds of years to evolve as a society and realise how ridiculous and preposterous discrimination against race/caste is. How many more years is it going to take us to be mature enough and learn to accept individual sexual inclination? Perhaps the starting point is to understand that homosexuality is NOT a matter of choice. 

You cannot choose to be gay just because your friends are or vice versa. You cannot force someone to be attracted to someone they are not attracted to. It is perhaps genetically encoded. One is basically hardwired to be or not be attracted to the same sex. Which means it is a part of your genetic characteristic. You are born that way. Which means it is a part of and in alignment with the delicate balance of all the nature around us. Also it has existed since the evolution of man, so how can something that is part of nature and has existed forever be considered immoral beats me! 

I can’t even imagine the extent of mental confusion and frustration inflicted on a young mind that is trying to grasp why he is made different and “not normal” (in terms of the world’s perception). Being gay is NOT a disease we need to fear! It’s ridiculous that there are people trying to stop it from spreading! God has made us same, but different. There are examples of all kinds of people in this world, and they probably exist to teach us tolerance and universal love. There are dwarfs, stutterers, fat people, hairy people, etc. I was discriminated against for a simple thing like a double thumb, which made me feel like an outcast throughout my childhood. How unwanted is that? It is a form of the same madness and it needs to stop. 

Some of the most artistic, creative, genius, gifted minds in the world have had a similar sexual orientation. Any society that does not offer freedom to human beings to live as they are, to pursue their dreams, to express themselves as part of the human race is basically a society still in the clutches of the dark ages.”

Friday, February 24, 2012

A Video Made By Tabbi For My Birthday

Here's a video made by my brother in law Tabish Ahsan on my birthday, February 23, 2012. I was woken up on February 22 midnight and was made to see the video by Tabbi (That's how we call him), Aarefa, Insha, Tahir and Tabbi's friend Prakash. Thanks guys. Its special.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Milkha Singh Charged Rs 1 For 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag'

Haath ki lakeeron se zindagi nahin banti
Azm hamara bhi kuch hissa hai zindagi banaane mein

Milkha Singh sums up his quest for perfection in life-n-sport by his hunger for attaining 'Azm'. Singh was speaking to the media here at the Post Graduate College in Chandigarh where he handed over his coveted 1960 Rome Olympics spike shoes to Farhan Akhtar who is enacting reel life Flying Sikh in Rakeysh Mehra's 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag'.

Singh's son Jeev Milkha Singh (internationally renowned golfer) was the one who coaxed his father to give a go-ahead to Rakeysh Mehra for making a film on his life. Milkha Singh said that he hasn't seen a film in the last sixty years while his son is an avid film buff and it was 'Rang De Basanti' that tilted his favour towards Mehra. Singh is taking a token amount of Rs 1 for the film. Milkha ji said that he sincerely hopes that the film will inspire youngsters to take up athletics with a tremenodus zeal and hopefully India will yet again have a sprinter who'll make the country proud.

Milkha Singh ji recounted how he was obsessed with practising. He used to run hundreds of rounds in the National Stadium. There have been occasions when he fainted due to over exhaustion and also had blood vomitings. Farhan has work cut out for him and surely its going to be a tall order. The spike shoes presented to Farhan was bought by Rakeysh Mehra and Vaicom 18, the producers of the film at a cost of Rs 24 lacs at an auction organised by Rahul Bose' NGO in Bombay a few days back. Milkha Singh took Farhan on a nearby race track and gave a few tips.

Rakeysh Mehra is a national level swimmer and cricket player. He recounted the stories that he had heard about Milkha Singh and how he got inspired. I asked Mr Mehra if Sonam Kapoor is playing Singh's wife Nirmal Kaur, who was the captain of Indian volleyball team...to which Rakeysh replied that some things are best left undisclosed and I ought to discover it for myself once the movie releases. I later read a news story that according to unconfirmed reports Sonam is playing Milkha's secret lover in the film.

Later in the day, I did a one on one joint interview with Milkha Singh ji. Farhan Akhtar and Rakeysh Mehra. Milkha ji admitted that he was given the title 'The Flying Sikh' during one of his visits to Pakistan. He said that his parents were murdered during the partition massacre and he had a lot of negativity for Pakistan but it was Indian prime minister Nehru who convinced him to represent India at an event in Pakistan. So, will Farhan be sporting a patka like Singh in the film? Is Farhan cut out for the rigorous physical demands of his character? Yes Akhtar admitted that such roles come an actor's way once in a life time. Or maybe twice.

The film will be shot in Punjab, Rome, Tokyo and Melbourne. According to unconfirmed reports, it should release in December 2012 or early next year. Seems like an expensive film. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara had a Hrithik Roshan to bank upon as far as the Box Office is concerned. It remains to be seen how Akhtar carries off a big film like this, on his own shoulders.
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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Shahryar Was The Best Ghazal Poet": Shabana Azmi

Abba passed away on February 13. We knew it was coming, but the actual news shook us immensely. The journey from home to the graveyard is a long one. Memories gnaw at your heart. All the time. When I saw his dead body for the first time, I felt, he'll speak in a moment. The fact that he will never talk again is difficult to fathom. It is a great loss for our family and for the literary world. I have tried to compile press coverage, a few tweets, a video on Abba's contribution to the Indian film industry and a few of my personal memories. Mahesh Bhatt sahab sent me an apt SMS: He Lives. Take care. Thanks Bhatt sahab.

I will start this blog with an audio clip of my conversation with Abba on December 24, 2011. He talks about Mushairas and also talks about his unpublished works. His famed memory was still intact as he recites a few of his couplets. Just click on the link below.


Remembering Shahryar, is a video compiled by me for Bollywood Hungama where we have highlighted Abba's notable contribution to the Indian cinema through his lyrics in films like Umrao Jaan, Gaman, Faasle and Anjuman. It also has a rare excerpt from Muzaffar Ali's unfinished film Zooni. Rukh-e-dildaar deedam lingers on.

Press Coverage
16) Tahseen Munawwar's fine article in Inquilaab 
17) My views on Abba in Dainik Jagran 
18) Prem Kumar's wonderful article on Abba in Dainik Jagran 
19) Tribute to Abba in an Italian blog 'Breaking News India'
20) Poet is dead; long live poetry 
The above article in The Pioneer wrongly portrays that Abba gave up writing in films for promoting the so called 'Aligarh Movement'. Abba didn't write for too many films as he didn't want to short sell his Art. Muzaffar Ali valued Abba's poetry, hence he repeated him in all his films. The fact is that maximum filmmakers don't treat writers well. Abba is widely recognised for his fantastic and timeless Art and we as a family are proud that he never made any artistic compromises.
21) Rich tributes paid to Urdu poet Shahryar (DNA)
22) A master of ghazal and nazm (The Indian Express)
23) Ali Zafar remembers Shahryar (Pink Villa)
24) Jnanpith Award winner Professor A.M.K. Shahryar passed away
25) Noted lyricist Shahryar passed away (Indiantelevision.com)
26) Prof Shahryar no more (NV Online)
27) Urdu poet Shahryar passes away (India TV)
28) Doyen of Urdu Poetry Shahryar is no more (twocircles.net)
29) A fine tribute by Mehr Afshaan Farooqi in outlookindia.com
30) Urdu poet Shahryar passes away (News 24)
31) Renowned poet Shahryar passes away (Star News)

A Few Tweets
1) Farzana Versey @farzana_versey Shahryar verses posted by many, but this I have to:"tamam umr ka hisab mangti hai zindagI/ye mera dil kahe to kya ye khud se sharmasar hai"
2) Anubha Bhonsle @anubhabhonsleI love this country, a thousand tweets for whitney, not one for the great shahryar.
3) Rana Safvi @iamrana "@GaziMumbai: Real Romantic Poet .. Even died on the eve of Valentine's Day #Shahryar #RIP"
4) Azmi shabana @AzmiShabana Dil hai toh dhadakne ke bahana koi dhoonde pathar ki tarha behis o bejaan sa kyun hai.RIP Shahryar Saheb
5) Azmi shabana @AzmiShabana Seene mein jalan ankhon mein toofan sa kyun hai / is shehr mein har shaqs pareshan sa kyun hai Shahryar will live on thru his poetry..
6) Mona Kapoor @monakapoor3 Condolence to Faridun n the family on the passing of his father, eminent poet shahryar sahab..we r never old enuf to lose a parent.
7) Ashoke Pandit @ashokepandit Well known Urdu poet Shahryar passes away shortly due to Lung Cancer.Umrao Jaan and Gaman will keep him alive.R.I.P
8) Madhavan Narayanan @madversityRIP #shahryar. One more whose poems we know but not quite the name
9) Hemant Koki Sachdeva @kokeesachdeva Aise hiJr ke mausam kab kab aate haiN / tere alaawa Yaad hamme sab aate haiN ~ #Shahryar
10) Mohd Amir Mintoee @mamir_alig Afsos k Urdu adab ne apna ek raushan chiraagh kho diya. Allah Shahryar sahab ki maghfarat farmaye, AAMEEN.
11) Prarthna Gahilote @prattyg Dhund Ki Roshni mein gayab... Shahryar saheb ke bina shehar soona hai.
12) Sounds of laughter @dhwaney RIP Shahryar... superb poetry... zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein lati hai humein; yeh zameen chand se behtar nazar aati hai humein...
13) Shubhi Singh @Shubhi257 Justaju jiski thi usko to na paaya Humne,Is bahaane se magar dekh li Duniya Humne #umraojaan Rest In Peace Shahryar
14) Supradeep Mukherjee @SupradeepM Shahryar, like me, was a champion of the Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb of India - the Confluence of Hinduism and Islam, the Bhakti and the Sufi Move…
मुसाफ़िर @manish0891 काग़ज़ की कश्ती में दरिया पार किया , देखो हम को क्या-क्या करतब आते हैं। #Shahryar
मुसाफ़िर @manish0891 सुर्ख़ फूलों से महक उठती हैं दिल की राहें , दिन ढले यूँ तेरी आवाज़ बुलाती है हमें। #Shahryar
मुसाफ़िर @manish0891 कहीं ज़रा सा अँधेरा भी कल की रात था , गवाह कोई मगर रौशनी के साथ था। #Shahryar
मुसाफ़िर @manish0891 ये कैसी अजनबी दस्तक थी, कैसी आहट थी/तेरे सिवा था किसे हक मुझे जगाने का। #Shahryar
19) Payal @i_resuscitated Saharaa Ki Jaanib Chalen Baithe Baithe Thak Gaye Saaye Mein Dildaar Ke (3/3) ~ Shahryar
20) Ankur Gupta @ankurgupta7 "Yeh kya jagah hai doston; yeh kaun sa mukaam hai" guess Shahryar wrote it knowing how little recognitn do real heroes get against reel ones
21) ashutosh singh @singhtosh Seenay mein jalan aakhon mein toofan sa kyun hai / Is shehr mein har shaks pareshan sa kyun hai.. Shahryar . RIP
22) Juneesh @Vjuneesh
बे-नाम-से एक खौफ से दिल क्यूँ है परेशाँ / जब तै है की कुछ वक़्त से पहले नहीं होगा// #Shair #Shahryar
23) kozhalmannam shriram @KGShriram "Dil hai toh dhadakne ke bahana koi dhoonde pathar ki tarha behis o bejaan sa kyun hai" - #Shahryar. Would have been nice if he tweeted!
24) butterfly @buterflyaffect news of Whitney Houston and Shahryar Khan's death was too saddening
25) Ankur Gupta @ankurgupta7 "Iss shahar mein har shaqs pareshaan sa kyun hai" - Urdu poet Shahryar passes away. Khuda unhe Jannat naseeb kare.
26) saurshaz @saurshaz «@ShaiqKhan Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahin milta/ Kahin zameen, tou kahin aasmaan nahin milta. ~ #Shahryar»
27) marry na! @Marina_Scorpian Waqt guzr gaya "@lonesome__: In paniyon se koi salamat nahi gaya= Hai waqt ab bhi kashtiyan le jao mor ke (5/5) #Shahryar #Shair"
28) marry na! @Marina_Scorpian :'( !!! "@lonesome__: Agaz kyon kiya tha safar un Khwabon ka = Pachata rahe ho sabz zaminon ko chor ke (2/5) #Shahryar #Shair
29) @mrafi @prattyg Ik tum nahin tanha ulfat main meri rusva, Is sheher main tum jaise deewane hazaaron hai #Shahryar #magic @ShashiTharoor
30) Raza Rumi @Razarumi @farzana_versey Shahryar's style was classical and diction modern. A unique blend, a rare gift!
31) Atul Mehra @lonesomeIn paniyon se koi salamat nahi gaya~ Hai waqt ab bhi kashtiyan le jao mor ke (5/5) #Shahryar #Shair
32) Atul Mehra @lonesomeKuch bhi nahi jo Khwab ki tarah dikhai de~ Koi nahi jo ham ko jagaye jhinjhor ke (4/5) #Shahryar #Shair
33) Atul Mehra @lonesomeIk boond zahar ke liye phaila rahe ho hath ~ Dekho kabhi Khud apane badan ko nichor ke (3/5) #Shahryar #Shair
34) Atul Mehra @lonesomeHam parh rahe the Khwab ke purzon ko jor ke~ Andhi ne ye tilism bhi rakh Dala tor ke (1/5) #Shahryar #Shair
35) Presilla Ramnath @RamnathPresillaRest in Peace Akhlaq Mohammed Khan urf Shahryar. A doyen of Urdu poetry in India. He wrote the lyrics for films such as of Umrao Jaan,Gaman
36) Rachit @rachitst "Kyaa koi nai baat nazar aati hai ham mein / aainaa hamen dekh ke hairaan sa kyon hai" ~ Shahryar (from "Seene mein jalan")
37) Syed Khamaroddin @ikhamar Har taraf har jagah beshumaar aadmi/ Phir bhi tanhaaiyon ka shikaar aadmi #Shahryar
38) Sachin Kalbag @SachinKalbag @pragmatic_d "Kyaa koi nai baat nazar aati hai ham mein / aainaa hamen dekh ke hairaan sa kyon hai" ~ Shahryar (from "Seene mein jalan")
39) pragmatic_desi @pragmatic_d "Dil mein tuufaan hai aur aankhon mein tughyaani hai // Zindagii ham ne abhii haar nahiin maanii hai" (Shahryar
40) India GK Time @IndiaGkTime Urdu poet Shahryar passed away in Aligarh yesterday. He wrote the lyrics of famous ghazal “Dil cheez kya hai” of film Umrao Jaan.
41) Uzma Siddiqui @uzmaobaid Rest in Peace Shahryar Sahab, a true legend and great poet
42) @YudhajitDutta One of the most Romantic lyricist, Shahryar passes away... What a day he chose... RIP...
43) Zaieem Mohammad @zaieemm 
Woh kaun tha, woh kahan ka tha, kya hua tha usey // Suna hai aaj koi shakhs mar gaya yaaro ... #shair #Shahryar
44) Rachna Sinha @Rachna49 Main jisko likhne ke armaan mein jiyaa ab tak/warak-warak wo fasaanaa bikhar gayaa yaaron #Shahryar
46) anand pandey @anandnama #Shahryar saab, 1 of the greatest tht v hv hd in our times, remembering him as the #Umraojaan lyricist or for his filmy poetry is na-samjhi
47) anand pandey @anandnama
इस नतीजे पर पहुँचने में बड़ी मुद्दत लगी, तुझ से अच्छे तो बहुत है, पर कोई तुझसा नहीं.. #Shahryar Saahab: youtu.be/E_ECapaS4K4 via @youtube
48) anand pandey @anandnama "umeed se kam chashm-e-kharidar mein aaye, humlog zara der se bazaar mein aaye.." #shahryar saahab...
49) Anand pandey @anandnama Reply Retweet Favorite · Open"aaj ki raat mai ghumunga khuli sadkon par, aaj ki raat mujhe khwaabon se fursat kuchh hai.." #shahryar saahab...
51) @just4rab Kisi shayar ka nidhn jo sunta hu, Asko k moti chunta hu, Klam khamosh ho jati hai meri, Klam k aashiq "Shahryar"ko slaam krta hu
52) anand pandey @anandnama "
दामे-उल्फ़त से छूटती ही नहीं/ज़िन्दगी तुझको भूलती ही नहीं..एक मंज़िल पे रुक गई है हयात / ये ज़मीं जैसे घूमती ही नहीं.." #shahryar saahab..
53) Imama DalviShahryar one of my favourite writers, no more. God rest his soul in peace.
54) anand pandey @anandnama
यूं डोर को हम वक्त की पकड़े तो हुए थे / एक बार मगर छूटी तो फिर हाथ आयी... #Shahryar Saahab...
55) Pravesh Jha @Hedonist_Entry padh rahe the Khwaab ki purzon ko jod ke...aandhi ne ye tilism bhi rakh Daala tod ke !!! RIP #Shahryar
56) Mahaveer Poonia @mahaveerpoonia Na woh shahar rahe na woh yaar.. Pata hai ab toh na rahe shahryar!!
57) anand pandey @anandnama "Is natije par pahunchte hain sabhi aakhir mein/Hasil-e-sair-e-jahan kuch bhi nahin, hairani hai youtu.be/v1QaZTprRjY via @youtube #Shahryar
58) JAWAHAR CHHODA @Jawaharchhoda Urdu poet Shahryar, who wrote songs for films like Gaman and Umrao Jaan, pased away recently. His best songs... fb.me/1336sFqNW
59) B N Gupta @guptabn Despite critical acclaim and commercial success #Shahryar has consistently refused to become a performer playing to the gallery at mushairas
60) Sajid Hussain @sajid843RT @saima2000: :( RT @shams_z: Ek shahryar aur doosre prof. Irfan Habib. Shahryar sahab nahi rahe. Ab aligarh aadha hai...
61) taran adarsh @taran_adarsh RIP Shahryar saha
62) Rana Safvi @iamrana "@afzalpens: in memory of #Shahryar sahab, can we have something on twitter Like annual awards for excellence in Urdu literature and poetry?
63) @anubhabhonsle ~ God knows why but Shahryar's - Umrao Jan songs were ... unparalleled, soulful ..... (I am at a loss of words) #RIPShahryar
64) Asma Rizwan @asmariz "@iamrana: +@afzalpens _ Zauq-e-Adab jisko tha Rukhsat hua / Laal Urdu ka Ek aur Rukhsat hua - in memory of Shahryar sahab #RIPShahryar
65) Ajeet Pratap Singh @shivajeet @smiley4g Tumne Tadap Ke Ro Diya To Kya Hua Gam Chhupa Ke Jeene Wale Kam Nahi. by shahryar
66) Sajid Bhombal @SajidBhombal is haadase ko sun ke karegaa yaqii.n ko_ii / suuraj ko ek jho.nkaa havaa kaa bujhaa gayaa #Shahryar
67) Sajid Bhombal @SajidBhombal jaagatii aa.Nkho.n se bhii dekho duniyaa ko / Khvaabo.n kaa kyaa hai vo har shab aate hai.n #Shahryar
68) @nawaidanjum Jis taraf dekhiye duniya mein kahin kuch cheez zyada hai, kahin kuch kam hai
69) Lasya Nadimpally For once something decent and worthwhile is trending #shahryar

Personal Space

Since the time, we came to know about Abba's illness, I have written a few blog posts. Here are all the links:

1) Gift a positive smile to the elderly (April 18, 2011)

2) Abba's Jnanpith Award and a few songs (September 16, 2011)

3) Big B honours Abba with Jnanpith Award: Video and Pics (September 29, 2011)

4) Abba's poetry and the fear of losing him (December 2, 2011) 

Down Memory Lane

An interview conducted by me in June 2011. I am really glad I did this.

A poem 'When The Painlessness Hurts', written by me, June 14, 2011

Hopelessness infests
All traces
Of positivity,
Eerily smiling,
A knife, that
Gleams sinisterly.

It is easy
To philosophise
About the End,
But its a
To Look beyond
The Inevitable.

Stripped of protection,
Leaves of attachment
Gear up for a
Bloody battle ahead
As the storm rages on.

Defeat seems imminent
As the Loss gets into
The garb of memories;
Painlessness hurts...

A poem 'Smiles Overpower Frowns', written by me, January 22, 2012

Memories chirp
As I walk alone
On a torn road.

Life is longing
To give up
The prolonged battle
With the inevitable;
Tears have dried up,
Knotted hearts
Are more at ease now.

Legacy of wealth
Is a misnomer;
Treasure of creativity,
An eternal revelation.

The road ahead
Is precariously uncertain;
The smiles
Will always overpower
The frowns.

Shab-e-gham Kya Karein...A Ghazal By My Dad

Music arrangements: Navneet Kedar. Music composed and sung by me.


Palkon ko bhigoyen kaise...A Ghazal by my Father

Music composition-arrangements: Navneet Kedar. Electric and acoustic guitar: Nabeel Feroz. Sung by me.


Naseem-e-soobh ro rahi hai...a Nazm by Abba on the death of India's President Zakir Hussain sahab. Zakir sahab inspired Abba a lot. This Nazm is not part of any of Abba's published works. Music composition-arrangements: Navneet Kedar. Sung by me.


Haan Yaad Hai, a song composed-sung by me and written by me and my wife Aarefa on Abba's 75th birthday on June 16, 2011. We knew about his disease by then and it was a very emotional moment. I had gone to Dubai for work near his birthday and me, my sister Saima, brother Humayun, brother-in-law Meraj bhai and sister-in-law Tina listened to the final song at Saima's place in Dubai. Abba was there as well.



Baarish toofaan mein, kandhe par bitha kar hotel tak jaana yaad hai
Vo khaana khilaana hasna hasaana, khisse sunana yaad hai
Filmon ki baatein ho ya shayri, khwabon ki duniya haqiqat nahin
Common sense is something uncommon, kaha tha kabhi...yaad hai

Vo saadi si khushi, vo aadhi si hasi, nasihat pyaar ki bas kami izhaar ki

Khamoshi ki dhun, sannatein len sun, hulchul ka sukoon, beniyaz hai junoon

Lamba ho safar chahe mushkil dagar
Saath hain jab hum sab to kaahe ka dar
Zindagi ki lazzatein kam nahin, tum dhoondo to sahi

ek aas hai, kuch khaas hai, ahsaas hai

Baarish toofaan mein kandhe par bitha kar hotel tak jaana yaad hai
Vo khaana khilana, hasna hasaana, khisse sunana yaad hai

Ek aas hai, kuch khaas hai, ahsaas hai...

Haan yaad hai...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Salman Won't Be Able To Make It To CCL Final"

"Salman is shooting in Cuba and its a 24 hour flight. Even if we make it to the finals, he won't be able to make it," says Vikas Kapoor, Salman Khan's manager whom I spoke to, a short while back at the semi final of CCL between Mumbai Heroes and Karnataka Bulldozers, here in Chennai.

Salman had been operated for Trigeminal Neuralgia post the release of Bodyguard. How is he feeling now?
"Much much better than before. It has definitely not completely cured. He still has the problem. Six months back he had his first round of treatment done. He will have his second round soon," Vikas added. He also said that Salman will undergo check up and then they'll decide on the future course of action.

There have been reports that Sher Khan has been pushed further. "Sher Khan is going to start in September 2012 and will be releasing on Eid 2013," Kapoor said.
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Friday, February 10, 2012

Dil Dhadakne Ki Awaaz Ki Khamoshi...A Ghazal By My Father From Trikon Ka Chautha Kon

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'Dil Dhadakne Ki Awaaz Ki Khamoshi Ke Siva' is a song written by my father Professor Shahryar. It was featured in a 1986 movie 'Trikon Ka Chautha Kon'. Sung by Bhupendra and Penaz Masani, the song has been musically composed by legendary Jaidev sahab with whom Abba had also collaborated on 'Seene Mein Jalan' and 'Ajeeb Saneha Mujh Par Guzar Gaya Yaaron' in Muzaffar Ali's 'Gaman'.


Dil dhadakne ki awaaz ki khamoshi ke siva, koi bhi to nahin

Besabab hum ko phir, teesre ka gumaan, kaise, aur kyun hua
Koi bhi to nahin

Dil Dhadakne ki awaaz...

Teri zulfon ki khushboo mein bheegi hui meri ye ungliyan
Dhoondti hai tujhe
Choo rahi hai tujhe, aa na jaaye kahin aaj peron tale
Apni parchaiyan, dheere dheere chalo
Jo bhi kahna hai, aankhon se aake kahe
Muh se kuch mat kaho
Dheere dheere chalo
Jo bhi kahna hai aankhon se aake kahen

Surq phoolon ko boson se madhosh karti hui
Shaam ki ye hawa tak rahi hai tujhe
Teri peshaani ko choomne ke liye
Tak rahi hai tujhe
Os ki boond ke...
Os ki boond ke bojh se teri palken jhukin
Meri saanse rukin
Koi bhi to nahin
Dil dhadakne ki awaaz ki khamoshi ke siva
Koi bhi to nahin

Ek Main Aurr Ek Tu: Flawed, Yet Oozes Groovy Romance

He is a lost nerd who's forever forced to fall in line with his perfectionist DNA. She is an inherently bindaas commoner who is fine with making the same mistakes again and again. Jab We Met, anyone? Well, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu has its inspiration from Jab We Met but then as you flow along the narrative, you get sucked into a nice fun world that is refreshingly new age despite its incredulous premise of impromptu marriage one-drunk-Christmas-night.

What is delightful about the film is Riana's (Kareena) mad family. But alas you get too little time to feast on their incredible zest for life. Father Phil asks Rahul (Imran) if he has slept with his daughter, in a laugh-out-worthy manner. Granny catches Rahul changing clothes and raises alarm, "Tumhe sharam nahin aati, Amitabh dekh lega" (KBC is playing on TV in the room). Wish there was more of Briganza family in the film.

Shakun Batra and Ayesha Devitre's Screenplay-Dialogues rely on subtlety and an understated sense of humour. Imran is rejected by his prospective Japanese employers. They speak with an enthusiastic smile but their translator confirms the bad news nevertheless. Father Phil advicing Rahul to 'tickle the balls' of their dog so as to tame the beast, Mummy ji (Ratna Pathak Shah, superb) coaxing Rahul to get over with the silly haircut or brushing his table manners makes for fun moments. Daddy ji (Boman Irani, competent) wants Rahul's bow to be at just-the-right-angle and tells his wife to cut the emotional crap at the airport and hurry up as they don't have the luxury of a chartered flight. And yes thankfully we are spared the gay jokes which are a staple ingredient of most multiplex movies.

Even though the writing is fresh-n-crackling with youthful energy, one can't overlook the reference points in Jab We Met and Anjaana Anjaani. A man-in-doldrums and how he gets high-on-life, courtesy an exuberant vivacious girl with her own-set-of-issues in life and how she deals with them in a carefree manner. The narrative dips in the beginning of the second half when Riana shows Rahul her school and how he feels that she had been 'leading him on' when she doesn't kiss him back at the 'kissing point'. But the end compensates for the melodarama and leaves you with a feeling...'What must have happened thereafter'.

Imran Khan delivers a nuanced performance. When he gives it back to his parents on the dinner table or when he shows his vulnerability towards the end as he sits on the stairs with Kareena, one can notice the positive growth in Khan as an actor. Kareena on her part glides along effortlessly. She looks beautiful (although she is somewhat on the heavier side) but her sprightly performance is a testimony to her immense fan following within the film industry and outside.

Amit Trivedi's music adds a zing to the proceedings. Aahatein and Gubbare are wonderful songs but Aunty Ji grates on nerves. The background score is consistently good and many a times, plucks at your heartstrings at crucial junctures in the film. David Macdonald's camerawork is one of the highlights of the film.

Shakun Batra makes an assured debut. He has a good sense for dialogues and has handled his star cast well. Here's a young director to watch out for. Ek Main Aurr Ek Tu has its flaws but still oozes freshness. I came out smiling and refreshed after watching it. I am sure, you'd enjoy it too, provided you are willing to overlook the loopholes. Try it out.

Star Rating: ***

Thursday, February 9, 2012

"I Don't Think Salman Cares...": Kareena Kapoor

"With Salman... Won't Be A Regular Masala Film...": Farhan Akhtar

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"He Is As Haraami, As Flirtatious...": Siddharth Roy Kapur

Farhan Akhtar-Ritesh Sidhwani Bust Rumours Of Their 'Differences'

"Kajraare Was The Song Of The Decade": Shankar Mahadevan

"I Don't Think Salman Cares...": Kareena Kapoor

Farhan Akhtar On Don 2 Success, Awards And 'Talaash'

"Hrithik's Character...Biggest Achievement": Karan Malhotra

Aamir Hasn't Ghost Directed Delhi Belly - Abhinay Deo

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gulaab Jism Ka Yunhi Nahin Khila Hoga...A Ghazal By My Father Shahryar

Gulaab Jism Ka Yunhi Nahin Khila Hoga...is a Ghazal written by my father Professor Shahryar for Muzaffar Ali's Anjuman, a film starring Farouque Shaikh and Shabana Azmi. The music is by Khayyam Sahab and you can notice the haunting laidback old world charm in his music arrangements in this composition. The Ghazal is sung by Bhupendra and Shabana Azmi. Hope you like it.

Gulaab jism ka yunhi nahin khila hoga
Hawa ne pahle tujhe, phir mujhe, chua hoga

Shareer shoq kiran mujhko choom leti hai
Zaroor isme ishaara tera chupa hoga

Meri pasand pe tujhko bhi rashk aayega
Ke aaine se, jahan tera saamna hoga

Ye aur baat ki main khud na paas aa paayi
Haan mera saaya to har shab tujhe mila hoga

Ye soch soch ke katti nahin hai raat meri
Ke tujhko sote hue chaand dekhta hoga

Main tere saath rahoongi wafa ki raahon mein
Ye ahad hai, na mere dil se tu, juda hoga

Gulaab jism ka yunhi nahin khila hoga
Hawa ne pehle tujhe phir mujhe chua hoga

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Shahrukh To Launch 'The Dialogues Of Devdas'

Shahrukh Khan will be launching the book 'The Dialogues Of Devdas' written by noted author Nasreen Munni Kabeer on February 15 in Bombay. The book is an ode to Legendary filmmaker Bimal Roy's version of Sarat Chandar's Devdas starring Dilip Kumar (Devdas), Suchitra Sen (Paro), Moti Lal (Chunni Babu) and Vijayanti Mala (Chandramukhi). Bimal Roy's family will also be present at the occasion.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aamir's Helicopter To Be Used By Indian Army

Aamir Khan fixes a helicopter like device in the song Aal is well in 3 Idiots. This helicopter shows the hanging body of Joe Lobo in the monitor Aamir has in his hands. This device has found favours with Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police Forces to fight anti terror and counte terrorism activities. The machine in the movie is the same as the one made by Idea Forge, a company built by three IIT alumni. The Defence Research and Development Organisation have tied up with Idea Forge and refined the UAV and named it Netra.