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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gulaab Jism Ka Yunhi Nahin Khila Hoga...A Ghazal By My Father Shahryar

Gulaab Jism Ka Yunhi Nahin Khila Hoga...is a Ghazal written by my father Professor Shahryar for Muzaffar Ali's Anjuman, a film starring Farouque Shaikh and Shabana Azmi. The music is by Khayyam Sahab and you can notice the haunting laidback old world charm in his music arrangements in this composition. The Ghazal is sung by Bhupendra and Shabana Azmi. Hope you like it.

Gulaab jism ka yunhi nahin khila hoga
Hawa ne pahle tujhe, phir mujhe, chua hoga

Shareer shoq kiran mujhko choom leti hai
Zaroor isme ishaara tera chupa hoga

Meri pasand pe tujhko bhi rashk aayega
Ke aaine se, jahan tera saamna hoga

Ye aur baat ki main khud na paas aa paayi
Haan mera saaya to har shab tujhe mila hoga

Ye soch soch ke katti nahin hai raat meri
Ke tujhko sote hue chaand dekhta hoga

Main tere saath rahoongi wafa ki raahon mein
Ye ahad hai, na mere dil se tu, juda hoga

Gulaab jism ka yunhi nahin khila hoga
Hawa ne pehle tujhe phir mujhe chua hoga


  1. Subhash Ghai sahab sent me an email after listening to this Ghazal. Here it goes:


    I wish cinema could embrace it...
    poetry is vanishing very fast



  2. I think this is beautiful. I admit since I'm late into the "Hindi film industry" experience I haven't heard a lot of the classical. This is very pretty. Again, I don't understand all the words, but have really enjoyed the song as a whole. Thanks Faridoon. ;) And how cool to have such a nice message from Subhash Ghai! :)

    Take Care and all the best,

  3. One of the components of culture is music and the other is language. Whatever language is present the music is what makes it relevant and appreciated.

  4. Replies
    1. its awesome, liked it indeed

    2. its awesome, liked it indeed

  5. Immaculately beautiful work by Shahrayar sb.Emotive yet not sentimental. A meticulously crafted ghazal that carries me away...

    "And bears me as a cloud is borne by its own wind" ( Shelley)

  6. Amazing use of urdu language. Person is carried into the world of meanings, away from the sensual. A breath of fresh air.

  7. Hawa ne pahle tujhe, phir mujhe, chua hoga..why not the other way around ???????????