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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aamir's Helicopter To Be Used By Indian Army

Aamir Khan fixes a helicopter like device in the song Aal is well in 3 Idiots. This helicopter shows the hanging body of Joe Lobo in the monitor Aamir has in his hands. This device has found favours with Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police Forces to fight anti terror and counte terrorism activities. The machine in the movie is the same as the one made by Idea Forge, a company built by three IIT alumni. The Defence Research and Development Organisation have tied up with Idea Forge and refined the UAV and named it Netra.


  1. well.. kudos to Aamir ..great movie btw

  2. yup rather innovative...its good that movies are inspiring such constructive work...

  3. Thank you!!! ❤ I have behind me an insanely busy half year, never have been so busy before in my life. From now on it can only get less stressful. Which will allow me to read your blog on a regular basis again, which I'm looking forward to. :)

  4. All the best for everything Calena....