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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just Move On...

Fears try and
Nibble away
At the confidence,
Wagging tongues
Frantically grope
For a 'reaction';
The unusual drama
Of fluctuating behaviours
Is baffling,
There's no point
In being sad
Or sorry...
Just move on.

Will always be
By the moody mind;
The Wrong
May have been Right
Or vice versa;
Isn't it futile
To over analyse
And procrastinate
Do shed a few tears,
For you must,
And then,
Open the door
Of new discoveries...
Just move on.

Everyone judges
Everyone else,
Those who have
Better things to do,
Maybe judge a little less;
Do not be afraid
Of random 'judgements'
For, they are
Written on water,
Destined to be 
Washed away;
Shake hands
With your Talent,
Just move on. 


  1. Lovely .... specially the last paragraph .... loved reading it Faridoon ! :)

  2. Touching poem Faridoon! Loved the way u end each para! 'Just Move On' Hope u n ur family are doing well :-)

  3. Wow! Actually brought tears to my eyes! I think my favorite line is "Do not be afraid of random 'judgements' for, they are written on water, destined to wash away;" Very inspiring and heartfelt. Thanks for being willing to share this Faridoon. :)

  4. How beautifully written. my Fav lines are same .. : Do not be afraid of random judgements, for ther are written on water.. so very true. God bless and hope u r doing okie.

  5. Thanks Paula and Rhea...glad you guys liked it...

  6. Very moving and true. All the best.

  7. very well said...we all try our best to 'just deal with it' but sometimes we just need a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on..someone just to sit there with you.

  8. I think we all need to hear this once in a way...comforting and inspirational...thanks Faridoon Like the others I liked the last stanza a lot.