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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Civil War

Civil War
A Poem by Faridoon Shahryar

Clouds are drifting with
An alarming pace 
And the march towards 
The jungle 
Is injected with an
Uncanny nervousness.
Why such a deluge 
Of people 
Camping in 
Inhospitable conditions?
Why are they ripping off
Trees and amputating branches?
Familiar faces, 
Who hung out together 
Are ready with archaic 
Stone age weapons
Pointing the chilling sharpness
At each others throats.
I could see a lion 
Sitting unconcerned 
In a corner
Knowing fully well
He doesn't need to hunt,
Once the flesh falls down
He just have to eat and chew,
A king sized life.

The animals have taken over the city
As the jungle is lit up by a
Fire of inhumanity 
The clouds are confused 
No amount of peace water 
Can douse the madness now!

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Fire that never was

The Fire that never was
A poem by Faridoon Shahryar

A fire tore into 
The middle of the tree
As a snake queue of flames
Hugged the forest,
The driver waded through 
A flood of smoke on the road
Assured, that the fire will 
Be under control;
Then the image of
A bunch of flowers 
Screaming for help
Shook me;
Emotions ought to be slaved
So say the wise;
Life will go on as usual
Tomorrow morning,
Flash bulbs are busy
Prostrating before 
A mere forest fire 
Isn't newsworthy
So say the 
Know-all editors.

The forest cried hoarse,
The help never came,
Dew laden night 
Calmed the scars;
It's time to forget 
The gory details 
That's the recipe for happiness,
The only way out.