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Monday, May 15, 2017

The Fire that never was

The Fire that never was
A poem by Faridoon Shahryar

A fire tore into 
The middle of the tree
As a snake queue of flames
Hugged the forest,
The driver waded through 
A flood of smoke on the road
Assured, that the fire will 
Be under control;
Then the image of
A bunch of flowers 
Screaming for help
Shook me;
Emotions ought to be slaved
So say the wise;
Life will go on as usual
Tomorrow morning,
Flash bulbs are busy
Prostrating before 
A mere forest fire 
Isn't newsworthy
So say the 
Know-all editors.

The forest cried hoarse,
The help never came,
Dew laden night 
Calmed the scars;
It's time to forget 
The gory details 
That's the recipe for happiness,
The only way out.

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