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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Vulgar Rascals, Priyanka's 'People', Big B's Hanuman Chaleesa

David Dhawan's Rascals easily qualifies as one of the worst films of 2011. Loud, mad, vulgar and downright silly. Kangana Ranaut touched a new low with a shameless display of shedding-clothes-like-a-C-grade wannabe. Writing is crass, gags are limp and the saddest part is that such a dignified actor as Ajay Devgn is part of this sorry-comedy. Vishal Shekhar's music is bad. In fact nothing goes right with this movie. Do yourself a favour and stay far away from these Rascals. Star rating: Forget It!!!!

At an event in Bombay today Priyanka Chopra is being awarded People Magazine's Best Dressed of 2011. Considering that off late, Priyanka has been in news for her alleged linkups, breakup and being reportedly snubbed by a star wife, this award will hopefully bring some positive press.

Amitabh Bachchan will launch Hanuman Chaleesa (that is partly produced by his production house) at an event in a film studio tomorrow Oct 9. Bachchan has given his voice to this venture alongwith twenty other singers from the film industry. Incidentally Mr Bachchan celebrates his 69th birthday on Oct 11.

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  1. I had to laugh when I read this. How many movies that were a complete waste found their way yrs after the fact because it was received by a young audience. Not that this is the same across the board but sometimes we get surprised this not being one of them. Dude Where's My Car..Dumb & Dumber are just two I can recall that made the grade. Whereas after seeing Dehli Belly there was an exhaustion of the 'F' word that didnt need to burnout out peoples braincells. I liked DB however because the storyline held up and the hotel scene was great as the bad guys wherever they found them were very good.That being said you cant always depend on actors doing 'politically correct' movies but you would hope they could tell the difference.Personally I think AD & SD are a good paring in the male catagory. If they did a more serious role ie.good cop bad cop I think that would work. As for KR..well not so sure she has stepped up to the plate and has a long ways to go. Hopefully she wont end up in the trash bin like Rikki whatshername or do a movie as hideous as HISS.
    Linkups..blowups..and smashups..they all happen and until the air clears we'll see the wreckage.
    Mr.B..class act in whatever he does.

  2. Hey Faridoon! How is it going? Ok i also laughed while read ur review...hahaha is Rascals that bad? The Thai Distributors should have shown LBZ instead of Rascals in the theatres here! So annoyed! I think it also coz most parts of the movie were shot here. Anyhow didnt have the time to see it here this weekend but thank god i didnt if its that bad. Some people who went for it said that Mausam was still way better! Anyways will watch it when it comes out on DVD only because i got to see the shootings for some of the scenes and the title song! For Arjun!;-)