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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SRK Fan Rina Golan's Casting Couch Truth

Here's an interesting interview with Rina Golan, a Shahrukh Khan fan from Israel who has written a book 'Dear Mister Bollywood'. This book is making news in Bombay these days as Rina has made Casting Couch allegations on some senior Bollywood biggies.


  1. Excuse me, I might be slow on the uptake, is she really saying SRK gave her 20.000$ and then demanded she slept with him????? I'm understanding this wrongly, right?

  2. There are too many flaws in this story. Some may be true or accurate according to her recollection but that doesn't preclude the fact that she has an agenda. That being said all of her 'experiences' whether real or imagined will meet with a furor of denials and lest she be prepared for a legal suit. I think she has grave errors in judgement and should purge herself of her personal experiences in a less public venue other than writing a 'tell all' book. And what will it accomplish? It has no redeeming social value except to vent her pent up frustrations deftly tip toeing around the mine field. If I were her I would cut bait and let it go. There are many fish in the sea and so many sharks that one maybe too uncomfortable with. She may act the savy young girl but in essence she will be labeled with the worst and end up at the bottom of the pile. Things like this speak to the larger issues existing in our world and point directly to how vulnerable we all are and the protective bubble we try to maintain. Its just that some are better at it than others. So when a person tries to penetrate that and at some level succeeds there are ramifications and consequences for the effort. This at the end of the day will run its course and in the long run mean nothing. Of course its her story and she has every right or preogative to tell it. But there is a fine line one must consider when it comes to certain personalities being bantered about at whim. Not everyone reading or watching will have the same reaction except for the proverbial 'knee jerk'. This young lady will have to deal with the ire of 5 billion people I hope she can handle it for a long time to come.
    I dont wish her all the best nor do I condone what she has done. I dont feel sorry for her but I do wish she had used a little more forethought before her actions and words ended up in print.
    If one thing is to be learned it is a wakeup call and a red flag that eventually Kharma will come around and bite you in the ass and that door swings both ways.

  3. Some things dont go away and some just need alittle more incentive to get lost !


  4. Casting couch is a common practice in Indian film industry.