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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vicky Donor Director Lashes Out At Producers For The Oscar Faux Pas

Shoojit Sircar, in an official press release has congratulated the team of Barfi! on being the official entry from India for the Best Foreign Language Film category in Oscars, 2013 but has lashed out at the producers of his film Vicky Donor by stating, "I'm very disheartened, disappointed and angry that one of this year's most original high concept story was not even considered by the producers of the film to be sent for Jury's consideration. I was in complete shock when the Jury told us that they have not received  the film from Eros for consideration....This purely shows their disregard for a film that brought them commercial success as well as critical acclaim. I would also like all the directors to beware of producers and watch out for their films at every stage. For somebody like me and the kind of films I make, what makes me happiest is the critical acclaim much more than the commercial gains. I sincerely hope that Eros in future does not repeat this mistake with any other film."

It is debatable whether Vicky Donor, as claimed by the director was "the year's most original high concept story." The entire premise of sperm donation and the manner in which big money was shown attached to this practice in the film had come in for sharp criticism from the experts. As for Barfi!, then  the film has many inspirations from several Hollywood films and it is debatable whether such a film as this, will pass the litmus test at the hands of the Oscar jury. In fact, the 'inspirations' of many scenes are so verbatim that the film may bring a bad name to India. 

Many felt that a film like Gangs of Wasseypur would have been a good choice considering that Anurag Kashyap has developed a solid clout in the West. But then, even this film had come in for criticism for its long length and a documentary like narrative. I feel Tigmanshu Dhulia's Paan Singh Tomar could have been the best bet as it is based on a real story, has Irfan Khan in the lead (he is a relatively known face in the West because of Spiderman and a few of his other works), showcases India's heartland and most importantly is a gritty story of an athlete turned dacoit which is novel in itself. 


  1. You took the words almost right out of my mouth with regards to Barfi. I loved the film but for the reason you mentioned I feel it wasn't a smart choice. Personally I felt Kahaani had the best chance this year. While Vicky Donor was a good film, most people who look at it objectively know its not India's best film of 2012. Honestly I think India blew the chance it had at an Oscar in 2007 when they sent Eklavya instead of Black Friday.

  2. Kahani's climax seems similar to the 2004 film 'Taking Lives' so I am not sure if it would have been a good choice.

  3. Who knows what rattles around in the brains of the jury. Maybe they know not that which they do? and in the meantime we just have to wait and see. I think its selective..lol

  4. The jury definitely doesnt know what they are doing :-)