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Monday, September 17, 2012

Anurag Kashyap, A Passionate Director And A Reluctant Producer

I always look forward to doing an interview with Anurag Kashyap for I can ask the man anything under the sun and there won't be a publicist loitering around, ready to jump in the fray hypervenatillating on this-n-this question etc. Anurag says that he has had enough of producing movies and he would want to concentrate on directing films as that is his first love. He gave the example of Aditya Chopra, who in his quest for setting up his production house has ended up directing only three films in a span of 16 years.

Anurag also said that he supports good independent cinema but he is not an NGO for Independent cinema and shouldn't be expected to support substandard films that are projected in the name of the Indie cinema. Talking about the obsession with the 100 crore club, he said that the day he makes a 50 crore film, he would want his film to earn 100 crore as that will help the financial logistics of the film but apart from that he is not affected by the craze for the 100 crore club.

Anurag is happy with the Box Office success of Barfi! as it gives a fresh lease of life to good meaningful cinema. His production Aiyya is releasing on October 12 and the single screen theatres are planning to go on a strike protesting against the high entertainment tax levied by the Government. Anurag who had been away from the country wasn't aware of this development but strongly denounced the steep entertainment tax imposed by the Government. He also said that the Government doesn't look at the film industry with respect. Film stars are used by the politicians to draw in the crowds but the problems of the industry are never understood. He said that despite having permission during outdoor shoots, they still have to grease the palms of the policemen to let their shoots proceed peacefully.

Anurag told me off camera that he is having 17 completed scripts and also has offers from big production houses from abroad who are willing to back his projects. He is open to making a film in English provided it happens organically. On camera he had said that Bombay Velvet is in Hindi. He is also not perturbed by the usage of the word 'Bombay' in the title of his film and doesn't foresse any trouble from the regional political parties. A fan asked Anurag to choose between Gangs of Wasseypur part 1 and part 2 as a film that's closer to his heart. What was Anurag's selection? And yes, he did pick one.

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