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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When Illeana Proposed To Ranbir With A Little Help From Priyanka

In a fun interview a short while back, Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor and Illeana D cruz shared great vibes. I had taken a few fan questions. One fan had asked Illeana to propose to Ranbir in Barfi style. What happened thereafter has to be seen to be believed.

Ranbir and Illeana spoke about Priyanka's single 'In My City'. Both have seen the song and had wonderful things to say about it. A fan had asked Illeana that she is playing the normal character in the film while Ranbir and Priyanka play differenly abled characters so does she have any worries that her co stars may walk off with all the praise.

The press show of Barfi! Is happening tomorrow that is a wednesday. It definitely exudes confidence on the part of the team. I've been promised another interview on friday september 14 as today's interview was a short one and I haven't been able to take a lot of fan based questions. Hopefully I will get more time on friday. You guys keep sending me your reviews of Barfi! And I will try and put them across to Team Barfi! On Friday.
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  1. Can you please ask Ileana if she is on twitter if you get the chance?

  2. I Wanne Ask Ranbir About His Future Plans That What He Is Doing After Yeh Jawani Hai deewani With Deepika Is He Doing Zoya Akhtar's Next With Kareena As Sbiling??

  3. QuestiOn For Priyanka: Most of People Are Thinking That Its Your Toughest Role So Far Beacause You Have No Dialouge And Its Puree Acting But You Have Said That It Was Challenging But Not Toughest So Which Is Your Toughest Role till Now??

  4. we can still send Qs?
    RK: If he got to be Priyanka for one day what would he do?
    PC: If she got to be Ranbir for one day what will she do?
    Ileana Who according to you is the best looking man in bollywood? cant say ranbir