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Friday, September 7, 2012

Send Questions For Priyanka, Ranbir And Illeana

Guys send in your questions for Ranbir Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Illeana Decruz. Its important that you send questions for all three as I won't be able to ask questions if only one or two guys are having most of the questions. You can send your questions at faridoonshahryar@gmail.com or post it in the comments section below.
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  1. If possible, can you please thank Ranbir for joining imtiaz ali on the rockstar DVD commentary. It was a lot of fun to listen to. Dont necessarily need to do it on camera but would appreciate if you just mention it. Now my question for Ranbir is did he actually learn how to fart on cue with finger pulling from Anurag Basu or did they cheat it in the film? (If.you watch the making they say Anurag Basu can fart on cue which is what they incorporated in the film which is why I'm asking). For priyanka, is there anything specific she did to make sure jhilmil doesn't come across as a caricature? For Illeana, she seems to be playing normal character so did it cross her mind that Ranbir and priyanka will walk away with all the praise because what happens many times is if some one portrays a "handicap" on screen, people tend to be biased towards that performance

  2. My question to all three:
    1. How was it working with each other? First time with illeana and 2nd time for ranbir n PC

    2. What are their favourite song in the movie?

    3. Favourite scene they shot for in the movie

    will msg again if I think of more :-)
    Enjoy the interview!
    Take Care

  3. Question for Ranbir:
    Are you doing a film with Katrina anytime soon as there are many rumours of many films such as Kishor Kumar biopic etc?

    Thankyouuu :)

  4. My Questions for Priyanka Chopra

    Did she offered SLB's Ramleela and Punit Malhotra's next with Imran Khan?

    Please tell her,She is best candidate for 2States and I really hope that she will bag that role.

  5. To ranbir: what does he think of abhishek bachan as an actor and wud he wanna work with him as both their fathers hav workd together in the past and r again in mehrinissa..

    To priyanka: How does she maintain fit? what is her daily diet?

    To illeana: How was it kissing ranbir?

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  7. My Question to Ranbir: By seeing from the promo's your performance in Barfi is just incredible. Tell me, how you pull off from Ranbir to your character Murphy ''Barfi'' with so easily and with so powerful acting? And would you please say ''Hi Nimo'' and pls send me a flying kiss? :) - Nimo

    For Ileana: All the best for your debut in B'wood and also Is @Ileana_Dcruz your real twitter handle? - Nimo

    For Priyanka: Something special you like about your character Jhilmil? - Nimo

  8. Priyanka, you recently followed a couple of your fans. Will you follow your rockstars too and when? There are so many big ones like Nur, Tanvi, Sonia, etc. I'm happy that you started like Bipasha and Amitji do! Love you.

  9. questions for RK: 1- If not an actor what would you have been apart frm being in d industry.?
    2- Which 3 qualities turn u on in a woman n which 3 turn u off. 3- When was the first time you felt proud of being an actor? 4- Ever tried gujarati thaali?

    Questions for PC: 1- Whats the 1 thing which u wanna give ur parents n havent been able to give yet(apart from son-in-law n kids lol)..

    2-Do you know how to cook? And if yes which 3 dishes you cook the best?

    Questions for Ileana: 1- what does ur name mean?
    2-How was ur experience working with actors like Ranbir and priyanka and a director like Anurag Basu?

  10. Good question Aditi! Faridoon, please ask Priyanka that! :-)

  11. Q for ranbir from namrita from dubai : first of all, wish yall all the best for Barfi! Hope it does remarkable business. And im sure it will set new benchmarks in the history of hindi cinema. :) q: during rockstar promotions in london, you copied PC's tattoo by writing 'Mommys big boy' so if you had to tattoo someones name apart from Your Parents, who would it be and why? :-)