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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sridevi: Timeless Perfection

Sridevi is a picture of perfection and professionalism. She changed her clothes twice so that she doesn't repeat herself while doing interviews one after another. And we patiently waited. No complaints. Sincerely. For here is an actress who has delivered stunning performances in Sadma, Lamhe, Chaandni and Chaalbaaz. I've enjoyed her Himmatwala and Tohfa avatars too. And yes, Kaate nahin katti raat from Mr India is one of the most sensuous numbers you could ever see in an Indian movie. Also, the promos of her comeback vehicle 'English Vinglish' are extremely engaging.

Our turn came as the clock went past 10 pm. I knew I would have to silently sneak into my home late in the night so I decided that I might as well celebrate the occasion of meeting and interviewing Sridevi. She was joined by her captivating writer-director Gauri Shinde (She is far more younger than what I though she would be, and yes she is quite a stunner herself). Now, Sridevi ji speaks very very less. Before you are through with your question, she is done with her answer. Gauri proved to be a good catalyst. We discussed the intelligent sense of humour that's filtering out through the promo but the duo didn't let me probe deeper into the hint of an extra marital fling that Sridevi ji's character has in the promos of English Vinglish.

Four time Filmfare Award winning actress in Sridevi isn't thinking about the talks of a National Award winning performance in her comeback film. She is keen on doing another film provided a good script comes her way. I spoke to her about her memorable performances in Sadma, Lamhe, Chaalbaaz, Chaandni and the box office prowess with Nagina. She was self effacing and almost child like while answering. Lines like 'Why India and why The United States of America', according to the duo got a great response at the Toronto premiere.

As I came out of the hall after doing the interview, Boney Kapoor ji and R Balki were sitting outside. It was refreshing to see successful husbands supporting the aspirations of their talented wives. Now, I sincerely hope, I don't end waking up Aarefa and Insha as I shall tip-toe my way into the house (it's almost midnight). Fingers crossed.
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  1. What a great piece, Faridoon. Srtidevi, the Empress (as they called her) is back!

  2. The First Female Superstar. The Last Empress. That's Sridevi, the Legend of Indian Cinema. Or as the world is now calling her after the Toronto premiere of English Vinglish, the Meryl Streep of Bollywood.