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Friday, September 7, 2012

Raaz 3: Worth A Scare But The Script Be Damned

The basic premise of Raaz 3 is silly. To add insult to absurdity, a doctor himself facilitates the mahabharat between the noble and the evil 'spirits'. The core task of a Horror film is the ability to scare the audience in abundance. Raaz 3 succeeds in doing so, effectively aided by the 3D effect. Ganpati plays his part too in a formulaic filmy manner right in the heat of the climax.

Raaz 3 will undoubtedly prove to be a turning point for Bipasha Basu. She plays the ruthless villain possessed with jealousy to a great deal of perfection. Her love making scene with Emraan is uninhibited and there's no element of hesitation. The much hyped 20 minute kissing scene between Emraan and Esha Gupta is a lie. It lasts barely for a few moments. In fact, Emraan and Bipasha's kiss is far more intense than the one with Esha. The sad part is that a fine mind like Mahesh Bhatt has to resort to such cheaptricks to sell his film. The overtly publicized Cockroach scene where Esha runs out naked is exploitative and results in repulsive titillation.

Music is a big let down. None of the songs rise above their average quotient. Vikram Bhatt's direction is gripping whenever he wants to scare you or create a spooky feeling but how silly it is to conjecture that Sanjana (Esha) wouldn't be aware that Aditya (Emraan) and Shayana (Bipasha Basu) were in a longstanding relationship. The entire screenplay is riddled with loopholes so there's no point in elaborating further.

The fact remains that Raaz 3 is targetted at a certain audience that will lap it up for what it's worth. I heard a group of boys passing lewd comments at almost every scene. There's no dearth of such groups. And that's where the film's success will come from. A good story or script be damned.

Star Rating: **
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