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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rani Mukerji To Act In Vaibhavi Merchant's Directorial Venture?

In an interview with me a short while back Rani Mukerji said that choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant should turn a director soon. Merchant on her part expressed her approach towards cinema and yes she does have aspirations of turning a director. And will Rani act in it?

We were shown the full video of Rani's next item song from 'Aiyya'. It's called 'Agabai' where Rani is showcasing her belly dancing prowess. The crackling chemistry with Prithvi is enough to set the temperature soaring. Rani sang the song for us in full glory. She also sang 'Dreamum Wakeuppum' in a bindaas style. Rani was in a great fun mood and so was Vaibhavi (they call each other conjoined sisters).

The duo spoke about the progressive concept of a woman lusting for a man. Rani said, every woman has these thoughts, its just that they are conditioned to present a different picture. It was meant to be a short interview but we ended up having a twenty eight minute long byte. It is a fun interview with some really heartfelt moments.
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  1. Faridoon, I'm SO happy to see your blog. Have missed you on twitter immensely. Your connect with your fans is superb - I'm glad we get to read stuff by you here!