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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Yes I Have A Script For My Next Directorial Venture": Aamir Khan

"I'm very keen to make my next film (as a director)," said Aamir Khan in an interview with me. There were reports that you have a script. "Yes I have a script. But the problem is that my time is so much time right now in my work as an actor. I am afraid that I have to hold back that script. Very beautiful story that I have got but I won't tell you much about since there is a long way to go for it," Aamir concluded. 


  1. sir when can we see the first part of this iview??? Thanx TC.

  2. Sir,we think u intentionally don't want to upload interview video of aamir khan??u guyz have done this before too....remember...one of u'r colleague lost the interview cd of kiran rao in an accident...so i guess u guyz don't want to upload anything relevant 2 aamir khan's movies/inteviews.

  3. Aditya, i guess it should happen soon

    Rahul, we never lost interview cd of Kiran. It was Kareena's interview dv tape for ra.one that was lost in an accident. Just check your facts and do a bit of research and you shall see what all we've featured on Talaash so far and then compare it with any other media...you shall have your answer...

    Have patience...it will be worth it :-)

  4. OMG!!u replied to me.I am really feeling gr8 now.I mean,i h'v been following u and watching almost all of your interviews since 4 d last 2yrs.I am a big fan of u.I simply loved the way u take interviews of celebrities.1 more thing sir,don't take my above comment seriously.Actually,i m a big fan of aamir khan.so i just lost my patience nd lost my cool,too.I wast out of mind when i wrote d above comment,hence,i really don't h'v any idea about wat i wrote at dat moment.I had no intention 2 hurt u nd the entire bollywood hungama team.Sorry Sir.I guess,u can understand my feelings.I am a little bit biased towards aamir khan.And i m desperately waiting 2 watch his latest interview at bollywoodhungama.com.

  5. My pleasure Rahul...I can understand ur sentiments...I have been told we can feature Aamir's interview next week


  6. hello sir ... m die hard fan of aamir khan .. what do u think of talaash i kno it ll b major critical acclaim winner all the way bt what about it commercially m really feeling anxious nd worried for two major things actully talaash got postponed two times nd will it be create that buzz what ghajini nd 3idiots did .... really need to know ur view about this .. looking forward to reply sir
    cheers ....