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Friday, November 23, 2012

Send Your Questions For Rani Mukerji

I may be doing an interview with Rani Mukerji tomorrow November 24. Send in your questions at faridoonshahryar@gmail.com or post in the comments section below. 


  1. Just two question :
    what is diffrence in working with Aamir in talaash and Ghulam?
    What you though when aamir sir was giving that train shot?
    sir please ask her both ,2nd is more important for me.
    Sushil Suthar from Jaipur

  2. What are your next projects after Talaash...Your Fans want you to sign a another film!!!!!!

  3. my questions for rani is
    what`s the most unusual thing in talaash ...
    besides khan`s wich actor u find the most comfortable to work with ...
    no scenes with kareena bt out of u nd kareena wich has more shades of role ...
    nikhil seth from delhi ....

  4. Have fun interviewing her :D

  5. my questions for Rani: 1) why did you do less films now? after Talaash what is your next film?
    2)is it true that you didn't have any scene at all with Kareena in Talaash?
    3)how difficult was it to play a role of a mother who lost her son and a wife dealing with marriage problems?

    have a great time interviewing Rani Faridoon sir. Lots of love to both of you!:)

  6. Pls tell her she should sign a film soon. We don't want wait years for another film with her.. Are there any projects?

    Suraj BW

  7. My question for Rani:
    1.After working with Amir,than you want to work with srk and salman agan?i hope it will happen.. :)
    2.On 8th december 2012 you will be a concert in Indonesia with srk,preity zinta and biphasa basu,will you meet with Ranians in Indonesia?
    Please give us opportunity to meet you directly,although only five minutes.. :)
    Ranians waiting you in here,we all very excited...We will wearing a blue shirt at the concert later,hopefully you'll see....A lot love from Ranians Indonesia...
    Thank you sir for this opportunity.... :)
    My name Rani,from Indonesia

  8. What would you tell those few people (like me) who like to know the ending before watching the film? Is there any hint she can give or will I have to wait until someone sees it and find out from them?

  9. my questions for rani

    my fav is Jee le zaara what is your fav song in the film?
    you mentioned you want to work with Rajinikanth are there any other actors you want to work with?
    are you currently looking at scipts for the next year or planning to take a break?

    fun quick questions :)
    # three words i would use to describe myself are....
    # im totally addicted to....
    # one hollywood actor i would love to romantic on screen is...
    # the feature i get the most compliments on are my...
    # you know know a guy is perfect for you is when...
    # the best thing about being in a relationship is....
    # the most challeging part of my life is...
    # the best thing about being an actress is?

    1. # dispite what you have heard i have never dated.....
      # in 2013 i plan on.....

  10. when will u get married???

  11. I have 2 questions for Rani
    1. Most actresses in bollywood usually alternate between unconventional films and conventional films but Rani has only been doing unconventional films in the recent past (No One Killed Jessica, Aiyyaa, now Talaash). Is this a deliberate choice because she is sick and tired of the conventional rom-coms or is it just a coincident?
    2. Rani has been in the industry for some time now and she knows how it works so does she have plans to go into production like Preity Zinta did?

    I am from Edmonton, Canada.

  12. My name is Tabish. I want you to ask Rani hows her equations with all the Khans (Saif, Salman Shahrukh and Aamir). Who is her favorite? Also what is her favorite Yash Chopra movie? and her own favorite movie which she has worked in.

  13. Hope its not too late to ask questions to Rani.
    1. How has the journey been for her ever since she acted in KKHH till now.
    2. How was it working with Aamir again after a long gap since Ghulam,
    3. Why has she been doing so less movies these days? its been like one a year.

    Thanks Faridoon :-)

  14. -What do you miss the most of Yash Chopra as a Human Being?
    -How did you think of his last film JTHJ?
    -What are your next projects?
    -Are you exciting for your concert with srk in December? if yes then Please Change some choreography and outfits. :)
    This is not a question but Tell her that we All love her no matter what and she will always have our backs.
    <3 Love Myriam from Belgium

  15. May ur fans see u next year in any new surprised project. . And plz do gujarati character if u get a chance than bcz i m gujarati n i wan 2 c my rani 4 playing that character

  16. oh no, i'm too late.. just know about it..

    just one question:
    what will you do after seing Ranians Indonesia at the next concert on December, will you only stay on the stage or go to them where they'll stay (at stage E)??