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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rank Mukerji's Expression Of Love For Fans In Indonesia

In an interview with me today Rani Mukerji said that one of the reasons for saying yes to a concert in Djakarta, Indonesia on December 8, 2012 was because of the love she receives from her fans in Indonesia. I showed her two cards sent by Ranians from Indonesia and she saw it minutely for a long time and loved it immensely. 


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  2. wooow... it's great.. this is the way she proof her love to her fans.. unfortunately I cant see her show on next December because of financial problem.. I'm always praying that my wish comes true to see her face to face.. ^^

  3. Hadippppppppppppppaa!!!
    Congrats Ranians Indonesia.. Cant wait to watching this interview!!!

  4. When we can watching this interview sir!!!! =)))