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Friday, November 2, 2012

Send Questions For Aamir Khan

I am doing an interview with Aamir Khan tomorrow November 3. Send in your questions at faridoonshahryar@gmail.com or post them in the comments section below.

Enjoy and Cheers!!!


  1. hi sir..i am aditya one of the huge fans of aamir khan..i just wanted to know from him that is there any kind of rift going on between aamir khan production and excel because i dont think that either farhan or riteish is showing any kind of interest in promotion of talaash? When will talaash promotion will be in full swing? Is talaash has capability to cross 3 idiots' 202cr in india?And finally why aamir khan finished blogging through aamirkhan.com and will he start blogging? Looking forward to interview and i hope you will take at least one question from above list..aditya mohrir. Thanks

  2. sir i am from aurangabad,maharashtra,india..i am your huge fan sir,was following you regularly on twitter but you left twitter...sir please tell him that i and my big brother Abhishek are big fans of him not only as an actor but also as real inspirational person..please ask him to say hi to both of us...this will make both of us really happy..please ask him any one of the question mentioned above..eagerly waiting for interview sir...warm regards....

  3. questions for Aamir: how is the experience working with Reema, Kareena and Rani? do you ever felt like you've been surrounded with so many girls on the set of Talaash and how did you managed that? and how difference are Rani and Kareena as an actress? thanks Faridoon sir. Radhiah, Malaysia

  4. sir second reply was from me AdityaMohrir from aurangabad in case you missed..take care.

  5. Hi Faridoon Sir,

    My question for Aamir would be that he has never done a film that is in the genre of suspense thriller before Talaash. In fact he is the first of the Khan's to do what looks like a proper suspense thriller. Was he at all apprehensive before signing the film? Or did this excite him?

    Moreover sir I have really grown to admire him after Satyamev Jayate. Few stars actually make proper use of their position to make a difference and he is one the few. I really hope he does a Season 2 of Satyamev Jayate.

    Jasmine Billing

    1. Oh I'm from Edmonton, Canada

    2. Reply to this by Aamir would be:

      Umm....no. not actually. The way I select film is...
      blah blah blah ...for 5 mins - the usual things we hear from him in EVERY interview for last 10 years.
      Ask some interesting question so that he does not hit the repeat button.

  6. Hi Faridoon,

    This is mk25 from US. I have commented before too. Me and my wife both are huge fan of Aamir and hate it when people spread negativity about him without any proof. Since he is extremely modest and low profile celebrity without much PR machinery in place, we feel more for him. Here are few questions -

    1. What are the future plans after Dhoom3 and PK? Any chance of direction? He mentioned to Rajeev Masand that he has selected a script. Also, solely as a producer what all can we expect from his production house?

    2. I believe he never said NO to "Darr" out of insecurity. But he agreed first and then declined to Yash Chopra due to some other differences. Can he confirm? Media always reports that he was afraid of the negative role, which I think is not true

    3. How was his relationship with Yash Chopra?

    I am not sure if you willing to ask any questions pertaining to SMJ. If yes, then here are couple -

    1. There have been some report in media about the credibility and transparency of donations made to SMJ. As an admirer, I would like Aamir to respond, if possible. Here is the link to one such article -


    2. In episode 5, why didn't he interview any parents to get their perspective too?

    3. Also, in dowry episode, why did choose NOT to discuss misuse of anti dowry law? I think it was beyond the scope of episode. But lot of people are not happy about that. Want to hear his take?

  7. Question for aamir khan : myself Debanjan Ghosh one of the biggest fan of aamir khan. I have some questions for him.
    First: Why he calling TALAASH a very very unusual film? Is this film different from other suspense films?

    Second: Is Dhoom 3 shooting completed or there is some another schedule? Has Dhoom 3 realese date fixed or not?

    Third: Is there anything in progress with danny boyle or james cameron? Because we have heard a lot of news regarding this.

    Fourth: When can we see you in advertisement again?

    Fifth: Whats your experience in haj with your mother? Have seen picture of you with Shahid Afridi.

    Sixth: Be a littile bit regular in facebook,twitter and your blog.

    And lastly how we aamir khan fans can help you to promote TALAASH?

    Love you. Keep working and give us good films.

  8. How is the shooting of Dhoom 3 going and around when will it release?
    :D thanks :D

  9. How is the shooting of Dhoom 3 going and around when will it release?
    :D thanks :D

  10. When will we see you & Salman together in a film again? Hopefully soon :D

  11. How many scripts are offered to Aamir on a daily basis and how does he pick the right one ?

    Will Aamir ever work on a low budget movie if it has a great script ?

    What does Aamir think about Independent Indian movies which are making waves in International/National film festivals ?

    Any message to Independent film makers ?

  12. Hi Faridoon,
    My questions to Aamir are:
    1. He has been in the industry for a while now, what have he achieved so far?
    2. Whats the reason that he acts in one movie a year, where other actors releases 2-3 a year?
    3. He will be playing a villain in DHOOM 3, what made him accept the role to do so. AND how has the experince been for him shooting in Chicago for the movie?
    4. How does he choose the scripts for the movies he accepts to do?
    5. Will there be a 2nd Season for SMJ?

    THanks in advance

  13. Qestion: 1) What is the difference in Thriller and Suspense Drama in simple terms? (as Talaash is supposedly NOT Thriller)

    2) What kind of promotional campaign we would see for Talaash - Reema mentioned it somewhere we are not low-key but we are doing it "differently" but so far its not visible to normal audience - its just Low-key.

    Feedback - Muskaanein Jhooti Hai shooting looks blad - there are no dark alleys, no shady corners, no focus on individual characters - just Kareena. Hope the film has more complexities and is intereseting.

  14. Hi can you please ask Aamir if he thinks Talaash will break 3 idiots box office record or come close to it? Will the script appeal to mass audiences like 3 idiots did? Thanks

  15. Hello Sir, first tell Aamir Khan that I am his biggesy fan nd 1st film which I saw was DIL. Since then I am his fan. Though he was not active for 4 years, then i was dead sure that he will bounce back with a bang. Just ask him sir that what can we expect from TALAASH? How different the experience this time will as i m expecting the unexpected. But why there is a lot of negativity about the film, bout it's resemblance etc. and please can you ask AK about Aamir Khan Productions upcoming projects as there was some Kashmiri Glasshouse and a film (commercial one) by Kiran Rao and scripted by Aamir, Mansoor and Nikhat (Imran's mom)??...nd when will Aamir direct his next film after awesome Taare Zameen Par??...

    1. my biggest biggest mistake dat I forgot to write my name...infact Aamir also asked for it....i will regret it whole my life i guess...my name is Saahil Raj and I am from patiala, punjab...

  16. Hi

    1) What's in the line up of AKP apart from Talaash? There were talks about Kashmiri Glasshouse?

    2) Any more Dhoom 3 schedule left? And any offers from west while shooting in Chicago?

    3) What's his take on the pics/videos from D3 sets that are already out on the internet?

    4) What's his definition of homage, tribute, inspiration, remake, rip off?

    5) When will he start watching more films? And how does he know that the movie he selects isn't something which has been copied from elsewhere, when he doesn't watch much movies at all?

    6) Whatever happened to those talks with Danny Boyle about a movie post Slumdog Millionaire with him?

    7) Critique your own films (or opinion...try as many films as you can, especially 90s ones)

    8) You were one of the first celeb who were interacting with fans online regularly and others were just for movie promotion. Now due to your busy schedule, it has turned opposite. Will you please come back to blogging?

    9) AKP website says "Coming soon" since 2 years. When will it reopen?

    10) Which films of Nawazuddin have you seen apart from Peepli Live/Sarfarosh... and what's your opinion on them?

    - maddyvoldy, Bangalore

  17. Salam AAmir. I am Faheem Ahmed from Bangalore. What is your next project after completing PK. We atleast want 1 film of yours to release every year and not 2 years once as you are the only source of Good entertainment with for us.

  18. I would like to know from Aamir that, since he performed Hajj would he be abide by religious following as must for a haji. if so he can work in a film.

  19. sir this is revanth from hyderabad... is aamir khan productions doing any othr movie apart frm talaash???

  20. how many relases are u going to have in 2013(1 0r 2?)

  21. when is the next schedule of dhoom 3???,how much shooting of the movie has been shot till now?

  22. as u r doing a supense thriller..whts u r fav thriller movie???

  23. I'm Shorouq from Saudi Arabia and am huge fan of Aamir , plz ask Ak about his feeling when he went for hajj ?

  24. Hi,Faridoon Shahryar. 1)Aamir wants to do Mahabharath in 7 parts over 10 years.ask him abt it.he said its his Dream project 2)Ask him whether he would do a big budget Visual effects film like Robo with Director Shankar 3)Ask him to do more no.of movies 3 movies/2 years or atleast 1 movie/year 4)Ask him whether Talaash is inspired from any hollywood film 5)abt Boxoffice potential of Talaash

  25. hi faridoon,

    ask him y doesnt he tweet regularly,and wht abt his blog y isnt he blogging??

  26. hi faridoon sir ,
    m die hard fan of aamir khan
    i hav few questions to aamir khan
    i got shocked why he didnt signed bombay velvet
    i was so keen that since 4 5 years i really wanted to see aamir in negative role nd he chosed dhoom 3 bt why he choosed dhoom 3
    aamir i really would like to see u with sridevi plz choose any script to cast her ..
    what about satyamev jayate 2
    tell smthing about p.k m really eager to know now is there any similarity between omg nd p.k

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