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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Crossing The Business Of 3 Idiots Is Not Easy": Aamir Khan

"I had no idea that 3 Idiots will do a business of more than Rs 200 crores. Ghajini was the first film that broke the Rs 100 crore barrier," said Aamir Khan in response to a fan's question if Talaash will break the Box Office record of 3 Idiots. "Crossing the business of 3 Idiots is not easy. 3 Idiots was three years ago and in these three years, film business has changed dynamically. The potential of business has doubled. I am surprised that no film has broken the record of 3 Idiots. 3 Idiots was released in less than 1500 screens, today films are releasing in 4000 screens. There is no logical reason why the record should not have been broken. Some film will come and break it," Aamir said. "Talaash is not a mainstream film the kind Dabanng is. Of course it is a mainstream film but it is not out and out masala kind of entertainer. It is a beautiful story, human story. It is a very emotional story. While it is a suspense drama, the core of the film is emotions," Aamir added. 

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