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Friday, November 9, 2012

November In Malaysia...first impressions

I arrivéd in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia in the wee hours of today morning. It was à five hour flight from Bombay and I must have hardly slept for à couple of hours. I am here along with my team for à promotional event of Tourism Malaysia. Yana Gupta is the prime attraction as she will promote the November sale. The journey by road from KL International Airport to Kuala Lampur is more than an hour. We stopped over at a South Indian restaurant (where this picture was clicked) for breakfast. This is my first time in Malaysia and the country and its people are very hospitable.

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  1. Yikes !! is it my laptop? pic doesnt load :-(((

  2. pics not wrkin broh!!!

  3. Welcome to Malaysia Fari sir. Hope you really enjoy being here. I study in KL but currently at home for my break. I wish i'm in KL now so that i can meet you sir. You've always been among my favorite journalist. Love the interviews you've done so far. Anyway enjoy the hospitality, food and the people here. You'll not regret it. Hope the promotional event went well too.
    P/S: the pics is not working!:(

    love and regards to you sir
    Radhiah, Malaysia

  4. Thanks Radiah...it was a hectic trip but Malaysia is superb