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Friday, August 31, 2012

Tabu, Priyanka, Konkana, Bipasha, Kareena...Who Is Madhur Bhandarkar's Favourite Heroine?

Madhur Bhandarkar has made mostly heroine oriented films. Tabu in Chandni Bar, Priyanka in Fashion, Konkana in Page 3, Bipasha in Corporate and now Kareena in Heroine. If he has to rate Kareena's performance vis a vis his other heroines, what do you think Mr Bhandarkar's answer would be? Well, I asked this question to him during his interview along with Kareena today. So, what was his answer? And yes, I've ensured that he gives one name.

Kareena is super excited about Heroine and rates it as her finest performance. Apart from what you get to see in the theatrical trailer, Kareena promises that there are lot many more histrionics in the final edit. Madhur informed that the duration of the film is 2 hrs 25 minutes (isn't it a wee bit longer than the norm these days?). 'Mumbai daily ki associate editor ho tum, film stars ki friendship tumse nahin tumhari position se hai,' said Mahi in the theatrical promo. How does Kareena react to it considering she has friends in the media? Niranjan Iyengar has penned the dialogues. They carry the trademark Bhandarkar stamp. Madhur was open to discussing the comparisons with The Dirty Picture and Fashion.

Kareena prepared very hard for Halkat Jawani (specially the physical look). She has a Chammak Challo under her belt and now Halkat Jawani. As an actress and a performer, does she consciously think about outnumbering the Chikni Chameli, Munni, Sheila while preparing for an item song? She is seen drinking, smoking in the film, any apprehensions about being judged in real life as well? Khwahishen is Kareena and Madhur's favourite song from the album.

I've taken some questions from a few fans as well. It's a half an hour special, so I guess it will spread into three parts. Hope you all will enjoy it. Cheers!
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