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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emraan On The Reported Differences With Mentor Mahash Bhatt

In an interview with me a short while back, Emran Hashmi spoke about the reports about his alleged differences with mentor Mahesh Bhatt sahab. There have been reports that Bhatts are not happy with Emraan giving prominence to films outside their family banner. Emraan says he is waiting for a good script from Bhatt sahab for him to sign on the dotted lines. He also spoke about the allegations that he has not been giving enough time for promotions and was not seen at the recent screening of Raaz 3 as well. In fact he is yet to watch the film. He also says that sequel of any film should be, at the maximum, a trilogy, as it loses steam after that.

Emraan also spoke about the experience of being amongst fans when he visits smaller cities. He says the girls have checked him out at unmentionable places (his body that is). The Karan Johar film that he is doing is called 'Ungli' and it co stars Sanjay Dutt. There are reports of Kareena Kapoor opting out of that film, does it upset him? He spoke about 'Rush' and how he plays a journalist in the film. Ghanchakkar, according to him has "Dark Humour". Ghanchakkar is 45 per cent complete.
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