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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Send Questions For Kareena And Madhur

Guys I shall be doing a joint interview with Kareena Kapoor and Madhur Bhandakar. Send in your questions for both at faridoonshahryar@gmail.com. You can also post in the comments section. It's important that questions both for Madhur and Kareena are sent by you guys as the balance is important. Cheers. 


  1. My question to kareena is that there have been reports about her not wanting arunoday in this film and not wanting to work with emraan hashmi which exude arrogance so does she think she is too good to work with these actors or is there another reason? For Madhur, were there any changes to the script made as a result of kareena coming on board or did he keep the script exactly the same as when aishwarya was doing the film?

  2. Is it true that Kareena and Ranbir will promote their respective films together on Indian Idol grand finale?

    Madhur,Kareena in Chammak challo or Kareena in Halkat Jawani?

  3. For both film resembles Fashion a lot what is the main difference other then being about film industry?

    kareena: what other films is she confirmed for so many rumors about what film she is doing what film she is not

    Madhur: are there any special appearances by real life celebrities in the film?

  4. Kareena - how was it sharing screen space with Helen ji again?

    Madhur - how does it feel, the shooting of the film started on Arjun's birthday, a few days ago it was your birthday and the film is releasing on Kareena's birthday?

  5. Will Saif watch 'Heroine'??

  6. My question is to Madhur: Why did his film publicity/promotion strategy changed as he chose Kareena after Aishwarya was dropped from the project? Cuz when Aishwarya was doing shooting for the film, it was kept under wraps completely, very hush hush... And as soon as Kareena was on board, you went all out with the promotions and publicity, even from first day of shoot till now. Is it because you also believed that only Aishwarya could have carried it on her shoulders without any OVER THE TOP promotion strategy?

  7. my question is to kareena..as seen in promos the heroine is seen sleeping with a variety of ppl to get her means..since madhur makes realistic cinema..does she beleive this happens in bollywood if so has she ever experienced it??