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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Supremely Spiritual At Golden Temple, Amritsar

I couldn't sleep much at night but early morning was ushered in by the sight of lush green fields of Punjab. We had tea at a Dhaba early in the morning (I volunteered for breakfast too since the tandoori parathas were very tempting but my suggestion was vetoed). We are staying at the MK Hotel in Amritsar. After breakfast, we decided to head to the historic Golden Temple. The shoe keeper didn't take any money, the surroundings are kept clean by dutiful bhakts and the general ambience is extremely peaceful. I recently read noted Journalist Kuldip Nayyar's autobiography 'Beyond The Lines' where he wrote about the infamous Operation Bluestar that had shook Golden Temple in 1984 where hundreds of lives were lost. As I walked my way with my associates for the Darshan, my mind meandered towards the events in 1984.

Once we reached the Darbar, the sight of singers rendering the peaceful Kirtan was gratifying and humbling. After coming out of the crowded Darshan area, I interviewed the starcast of 'Kya Dilli Kya Lahore', Vijay Raaz, Manu Rishi, Raj Zutshi and Vishwajit Pradhan. Vijay seems confident about the film and when I asked him how is it different from other films based on the India Pakistan theme, he said that once you watch the film, you'd realise it for yourself. Talented writer actor Manu Rishi said it's a story of two soldiers who indulge in friendly bantering. They complain to each other in a loving manner. Raj Zutshi plays a postman in the film while Vishwajit is an officer in Pakistan Army. Vijay Raaz says the film is not pro Pakistan or pro India..."it's a film, which is pro humanity," he says.

Gulzar Sahab is mentoring the film and has written the lyrics for the film while Sandesh Shandilya has composed the music. I asked Manu Rishi about the charged atmosphere these days where Hindus in Pakistan are reportedly upset and Muslims staged a violent protest in Bombay. Rishi sagaciouly said that it is in such a charged atmosphere that it is important to present stories that cools down the atmosphere.


  1. although Ive only seen the temple in movies it seems quite impressive..very nice

  2. Wow! You dont know how much this means to me being a Sikh :)
    Super glad you enjoyed visiting this place :)
    Happpy Idependence day as well! :)

  3. it is very impressive for sure Margaret

    glad u liked it majan...happy independence day to you as well

  4. You visited the Golden Temple being a Muslim is really praiseworthy. It only shows that apart from being an incredible interviewer, phenomenal poet, splendid singer; you are also an open minded progressive thinking human. Thanks for being so amazing. Any plans to join twitter, sir? Really miss you on twitter.