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Sunday, August 5, 2012

"RGV, Put Me In Your Next Movie": Sunny Leone

"To Ram Gopal Varma, put me in your next movie," wrote Sunny Leone in the autograph book. Mr Varma had requested for Sunny's autograph. In fact he told me that he has not taken an autograph of Mr Bachchan and this is is for the very first time that he is asking for any celebrity's autograph. He also told me that he is the president of Sunny Leone's fan club (in jest of course). I told him that he should join me in the interview, he replied, "Noooooo I will blush".

I met up with Sunny Leone, Dino Morea and music composer Arko at Growell's Mall in Kandivli, Bombay a short while back. They interacted with the audience. In my interview, Sunny signed the autograph for Mr Varma with a rider of 'sign me for your next'. She is excited about the love that she is getting from all across. On the protests in Assam, she said that "some people may not like me as well." About the NCP MLA objecting to the posters of Jism 2, she said, "but then we went ahead the next day and put them right up". Is she doing Murder 3?

Dino Morea said that he was disappointed with the response from the critics but he is happy with the response from the ticket buying public. He also clarified that the distributors will be happy with the final outcome. He stated that it has been a dream debut for him as a producer. Music comper Arko sang Abhi Abhi.
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  1. faridoon honestly ur like one of the best interviewers ive seen, if not the best..u no wat ur talking about and u dunt ask stupid questions like other people..keep up the gud wrk man..hope u keep doing it.