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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Aamir Khan On Talaash, Dhoom 3, Peekay, 3 Idiots Record

FS: Can you just briefly talk about your movies, you are right now shooting for Dhoom 3 in Chicago, your entire experience?

AK: It's great to come here and shoot and I am having a great time shooting here. Dhoom 3 is a fantastic script and I am really enjoying because I am doing an action, fun film after a long time. So I am really enjoying it. And ofcourse on the 30th November Talaash is releasing, so I am looking forward to Talaash as well. I must tell you that it's a film that I am really looking forward to. You know at one time in Hindi Cinema we used to see films like Woh Kaun Thi? or Mera Saaya or Madhumati or Howrah Bridge or you know those suspense dramas. It's that genre of cinema coming back after a long time. I think we are all quite happy with the way it's turned out, so I am looking forward to Talaash releasing on the 30th of November. Dhoom 3, is shooting now, it will come out sometime next year, we don't know when but sometime next year for sure, and when I finish with Dhoom 3, I get onto Raju Hirani's next film Peekay, I start shooting for that, so that's my plan as far as films are concerned, and once I finish shooting for  Peekay, hopefully by then our research would be complete and I will get back onto Season 2 of Satyamev Jayate. 

FS: You are a bit upset with certain rumors doing the rounds about Talaash. Do you still maintain that because we still, we heard a few more rumors recently as well that advance booking has started and all those things infact. 

AK: Yeah, someone is playing some mischief with our film, I don't know who it is, but someone is spreading false rumors about the film. I mean ultimately all this doesn't matter, ultimately what matters is the film has to turn out well. Ultimately when people see the film, only then will they like it or not like it. But this has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence, so I was speaking with Reema and with Ritesh and with Farhan and we were discussing the fact that yes there seems to be someone, who doesn't want good things to happen to us. But whoever that person is, we still wish him or her well and we are just concentrating on our own work. So please don't believe in any rumors, the film is scheduled for 30th of November and advance booking will be normal, whenever it normally starts, it will start. 

FS: 3 Idiots still has the record of 202 crores, that it has earned, the net amount. It is still a record and you guys came up with 1500 prints at that point of time which is very less. How do you look at it, that the film is still unbeatable and people still talk about it, and whenever it comes on television and even overseas it released recently, in a few centers in China and it has done a great business over there. 

AK: Well, 3 Idiots is a very special film for all of us and it really pleases me that it has done so well and people have connected so much. 

FS: Thank you so much for being on Bollywood Hungama and all the best wishes. Thanks a lot. 

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