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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Prabhudeva Excited About Working With Shahid Kapoor

In an interview with me, Prabhudeva said that he is eagerly looking forward to his film starring Shahid Kapoor. The name that has been floating around is 'Namak' but Prabhudeva says that they had never zeroed in on this title and it is more of a media creation. He is still not sure if 'Namak' will be the title. He plans to start the shoot in January 2013 (tentatively) and the film will be ready for release most probably sometime in the middle of 2013 (release date not decided). The name of Sonakshi Sinha is doing the rounds as the lead opposite Shahid? What does Prabhudeva has to say about it? The hit filmmaker seems to be fond of Shahid. He promises that it will be a full on masala action film in his style. Will he tap Shahid's dancing skills? Shahid's last two films haven't worked at the Box Office. How does he react to it?

Prabhudeva is happy with the superlative response to 'Rowdy Rathore'. He refuses to take credit for resurrecting Akshay Kumar as an action hero. Currently, he has started working on the film starring Kumar Taurani's son Girish and Shruti Haasan. He had choreographed a song for Kamal Haasan at the beginning of his career and is excited about working with his daughter now. I asked him about his chartbusting numbers 'Mukabla' and 'Urvashi, Take It Easy Policy' that gained huge love all over India. Prabhudeva has recently shifted to Bombay and is getting acquainted with the ways of the city. He likes watching movies in cinema halls. He has seen 'Bol Bachchan' and 'Cocktail' and liked both of them. 


    Prabhu knows very well how to put this spicy desi charming secret in his movies :))
    Shahid will rock it!
    All the best to them! :)

  2. OHMYGAWD! Im really excited for this movie :)
    As far as the heroine goes, I hope its Katrina, cus her and Shahid have never done a movie together, and I cant stress enough on how many people wanna see them in a movie together!!!

  3. How have u been Dana...long time..Linda os doing great...

    Yup Majan shahid and Katrina sounds like an interesting pit but I guess its gonna be sonakshi in this film

  4. I hope this movie will bring Shahid the box office succes he deserves. I'm looking forward to see him as cool action hero in a larger than life masala movie.

    I'm not so sure I'm happy about Sonakshi, but she seems to be the actress of choice for this kind of movies. So I guess it's only fitting.

    Thanks for the summary of the interview!

  5. This country needs better directors. Foreign critics laughed at RR.