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Friday, August 17, 2012

Salman Sad With The Ban On Ek Tha Tiger In Pakistan

In an interview with me a short while back, Salman Khan expressed sadness that 'Ek Tha Tiger' is not releasing in Pakistan. He said that many of his Pakistani fans in Dubai, London and elsewhere have seen the film and loved it. He says that the Pakistani censor board must be having reasons and he respects that.

Katrina is excited with the response that her character has received. In a Salman Khan film, heroines are generally meant to indulge in song and dance routine and a few stray dialogues here and there but ETT has Katrina playing a pivotal role with serious action too. Kaif is happy with the appreciation for her action. Salman has been taking Action to another level with each passing film. The aeroplane scene and the stunt on the train in Dublin have been choreographed brilliantly in ETT. Salman and Katrina praised the action consultant Conrad and his team and also the manner in which director Kabir Khan conceptualised the action.

Salman spoke about the sense of humour in ETT and why he doesn't want his films to be preachy. He spoke about the working experience with Girish Karnad and Roshan Seth. Katrina said that the dog Rocket was the most pampered on the sets as he had a huge staff tagging along.

Salman is happy with the huge Box Office numbers but he says its the public acceptance that has been most satisfying. What does he have to say about the numbers around Sunday and Monday on Eid? Are there chances of Salman and Katrina working together in future?

I didn't ask any personal question as I found no sense in probing into someone's private life especially when certain sections have already gone crazy inventing and concocting stories.
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  1. Ah yes..your last comment is most appropriate considering public and private are best divided. NetFlix has the movie in its data base and it is in my queque..eventually I will get to view it and thats a good thing.

  2. going to see it on Eid cant wait :) Thanks for the interview :D

  3. Great Interview Faridoon! Great questions and loved the responses and interaction you got. Looking forward to the next part. Like Margaret I have to wait for DVD for ETT because it doesn't release anywhere near me. Hopefully the release will come relatively soon. :)
    All the best,

  4. Thanks Margaret...

    lemme know your thoughts Iftu once you watch it

    My pleasure Paula...


  5. Sir this ban is absolutely ridiculous and hypocritical. Even if the Censor had "reasons" not to allow the screening of ETT, the whole of Pakistan will find other ways to watch the film and the Censor is very much aware of this fact. Piracy will simply get bigger. It just doesn't make any sense to stop a population which is so crazy about both these actors (Salman Bhai et Katrina Kaif) from watching the most anticipated film of the year. I am Pakistani, I live in Jhelum and the other day I went to bazaar and saw no less than 8 young boys dressed exactly like Salman Bhai: with the feroza bracelet, cool shades, jeans, tight t-shirt and black bobble hat a la Wanted. Such is Pakistani craze, and I know for a fact that nothing will stop them from watching their hero's latest release, whether legally or illegally. It's really beyond me: why are they allowing the release of Jism 2 and not ETT...?

  6. i don't understand Faizaan...i aree people will see the film anyways and pirates will have a field day