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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Why Did Katrina Opt Out Of Barfi!?

Anurag Basu battled with Cancer and over powered it. During an interview today he confirmed that his own experience was pivotal while writing the character of Barfi! He said that his two kids have given a new reason for him to look at life in a positive light.

Pritam has done the music (7 songs in the film, all are in the background) and for the first time he has also done the background score for the film. They have tried to incorporate folk element of North Eastern music in the background score since the film is based in Darjeeling and Kolkata. Basu says that they are experimenting with many singers for various songs so that they can decide upon the final choice.

Ranbir plays an old man in Docomo ad. Did it upset Anurag since Kapoor's character also ages in Barfi as well? The director denies the reports which stated that Priyanka visited a mental assylum to get a hang of Jhilmil, an autistic character. He admitted that he was apprehensive that whether Priyanka will be apt for the role since he had a particular image in his mind for Jhilmil and he didn't want any of Priyanka's own personality in the character.

Anurag admits there are fewer dialogues in the film but he promises that people will be entertained. It has been said that Barfi seems to have reference point in French film 'Amelie'. What did he say about that? Katrina was supposed to play Shruti which has now been portrayed by Illeana. Why couldn't Katrina do the film?
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