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Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Time Ho Gaya....Pack Up": Rajesh Khanna

The cremation of Rajesh Khanna will be done in Vile Parle, Bombay by Aarav, son of Akshay Kumar (married to Twinkle Khanna) in a short while from now. It has been raining since morning but there's a deluge of fans following the open van carrying his dead body. There are reports that his bungalow Aashirwad will be converted into a Museum.

The newspapers and news channels are flooded with news reports about Rajesh Khanna. I am dismayed by some personal barbs on Mr Khanna. Discussing personal life of anyone after his death in a derogatory manner is cheap and slanderous.

It is amazing that the man had a huge volume of successful films and such a marvelous repertoire of wonderful songs. There are reports that his last words were...."Time ho gaya...Pack Up". Rest in peace sir.
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  1. Bhai Sahab,

    This reader of your blog is not even a big fan of the movies like other readers....however, the one exception was Kaka. Maybe, it is the myth & romance one associates with his heady success or his sharp fall from grace & the accompanying Shakespearean denial, paranoia & megalomania one heard of, from industry insiders and scribes. Kaka was the only actor that yours truly loved....his smile, his voice, his enunciation, his hairstyle, his songs, his leading ladies.....am distraught and feel a part of me is no more. So many thanks to Kaka for so many memories in so many roles. What is happening to us....no Kishore da, no Pancham da, no Kaka....it just becomes difficult to accept change as one grows older. I sincerely pray to God that finally, Kaka is at peace with himself in a better place.

    Could you please have a Kaka special of interviews with industry insiders and scribes who covered him? I won't be able to thank you enough.