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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stampede At Rajesh Khanna's Funeral

Rajesh Khanna's funeral witnessed a sea of fans overflowing in abundance. People accompanied Mr Khanna's dead body from his residence today morning around 10 am. Dimple Kapadia, Rinke Khanna, Akshay Kumar and his son Aarav were present in the van that carried the dead body. Eye witness accounts have reported that there was lathicharge by police to disperse the massive crowd. My colleague Zoheb who was present at the funeral site told me that a woman fell down in the rain and a few men actually tried to pull at her Sari. There are reports that more such incidents happened when women faced discomfort because of the commotion and some men tried to take advantage of the situation.

The administration had anticipated the big congregation of people and had made arrangements but it seems even they were caught napping. People were all over the place, on the road, on the overbridge etc. No autorickshaws and taxis are plying in the area. In fact Zoheb had to walk his way to the location. Video and still cameramen followed the van carrying Mr Khanna's dead body on their motor cycles. Obviously Mr Khanna was a big star but the charm of watching big stars like Akshay Kumar etc must have played the part in the huge turnout.
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  1. I was already shocked on seeing his weak face of Rajesh Khanna a few days back; but felt sad about his sudden departure from his mortal frame. He was unparalled romantic hero and a charismatic actor of his time. In ANAND, he had evinced tremendous acting capabilities under the superb direction of Late Hrishikesh Mukherjee , which left us emotionally attached with the character. The cameo played by Late Dara Singh in the same film was touching. Irony of the fate is both departed in the same month of July 2012. May God rest the souls in peace.