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Sunday, July 29, 2012

"I Joked About Doing A Film With Natalie Portman": Saif Ali Khan

Saif in a recen interview stated that he is doing a film with Natalie Portman. A lot of speculation started doing the rounds. Media received a press release late last night stating that it was a prank. Here’s how Saif puts an end to his little prank with the media, “It was a joke, I am sorry", smiles Saif, "It's just that I am very annoyed with speculations on all the aspects of my life. If this goes on, I might just start making up stories like these to entertain myself. Hope people will understand that."     Also as per reports Natalie Portman's management threatened to sue Saif for his indiscretion in the media. I guess that's why the prompt response from Saif.

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