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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Send Questions For Saif, Deepika And Diana

Guys we are doing a joint video interview with Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone and Diana Penty tomorrow. Send in your questions for all three. Kindly note, we will require questions for all three. If any one or two are having more questions and the third one misses out, then I won't be able to take questions for any of the three. So, send interesting fun questions for all three to faridoonshahryar@gmail.com or post in the comments section. Enjoy!
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  1. Alrighty, sent in some questions for Saif and Diana as well! Looking fwd to the interview :D

  2. My question to Saif is why is that punjabi track that plays when deepika enters in the first promo not on the soundtrack? It's very catchy, was hoping it would be there. Also for Diana, what are some things Veronica's character gets to do that she would've liked to do/say but didn't get to because it's not part of meera's character.

  3. My questions for all 3...how was it working with each other during the shooting of the movie... To Diana - she is new so did she feel left out? To Deepika: how is it different from shooting with saif after LAK? and to SAIF is that did he experience any catfights/arguments etc during the shooting?

  4. Hi all, really liking your interviews Faridoon these days.
    Diana- If you were given a choice between Meera and Veronica, which character would you have chosen to play?
    Deepika- Would love to see you more active on Twitter. You've worked with some great directors, who still remains on top of the list?
    Saif- I find that you're one of the few that has an intelligent sense of humour. Do we see a film together with Akshay? Both of you were brilliant in Mein Khiladi tu Anari.

    And Faridoon please do this rapid fire with the three.
    1. Live in or marriage
    2. Acting in comedies or serious films
    3. Sugar or spice
    4. Beer or Cocktail
    5. Vid or print interviews

    From yours truly
    with_an_idea on Twitter

  5. Sir when will this interview air? PLS PLS make it soon!!! :-)

  6. Faridoonji, thank you so much for asking Deepika my questions in the solo interview, I was so happy! Means a lot to me, thank u sooo much :D

  7. Guys the interview was supposed to happen last friday but it has been postponed...shall keep you updated on when it will happen next