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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Short Film On 'Indian Institute Of Advanced Study, Shimla'

I had visited Shimla with Aarefa and Insha in May this year for our summer vacations. We were awestruck by the serene beauty and the austerity surrounding the historic 'Indian Institute Of Advanced Study'. My brother in law Tabish joined us in Shimla and we decided that even he should visit IIAS since he is a student and it can be an inspiring experience for him. This time around I captured the natural beauty surrounding this building along with the guided tour on my Ipad. As promised to the enterprising guide Somprakash Thakur, I decided to make a short film on IIAS. So, here's a short video edited by Nadeem Kazi. Hope you guys like it.

www.iias.org ...The Official web site of Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla 

Here's the post written by me on May 2. 2012

In Love With Indian Institute Of Advanced Study 

A poem on a tree laden with beautiful flowers in the garden of IIAS

Ripe Youth Serenades 


  1. Bhai sahab,

    Continuing on the Shimla theme, I recently saw a British documentary on the Kalka-Shimla rail line. I am recommending this strongly for all Railway/Nature/Shimla/British Raj/Human stories aficionados. I thought of your post so much when I saw this documentary. This is its YouTube link:



  2. This film is brilliant...thanks for sharing