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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Karan Johar To Launch SOTY Promo At An Event On August 2

Karan Johar will be launching the first look promo of 'Student Of The Year' at an event in Bombay on August 2. Shahrukh Khan's Red Chillies Entertainment is the co producer but there's no clarity if Shahrukh will be present at the event. I've always maintained 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' is Karan Johar's most loveable film. He has tried to go out of his comfort zone and made other kinds of films but he is a natural at presenting bubble gum romance with all the trappings of dream pink balloons, draped-in-mush music,  handkerchief friendly tears and the classic mellodrama. I don't know if Student Of The Year finds him back in his familiar groove but I really hope it does. I would surely cheer for it provided the promos promise the unbelievable love and No realism. 


  1. hello sir....how r u???? Where is kabir khan interview...... Plz catch kabir khan & salman Khan interview.....:) we salman fans are waiting...

  2. And then it presents a dichotomy..KKKG was the counterpart while My Name Is Khan was an anomaly? I find his style of film making is unrealistic at times ie: Kal Ho Na Ho. His treatment of the subject matter concerning relationships is flimsy. I would like to see him make a more honest movie without an agenda. But I dont know if he would do that maintaining his bubble gum image.
    I have Jism in my NetFlix queque also but I wonder if the second installment was necessary as the first can be seen as an hommage to the J&B relationship that ended on the rocks. Some film makers as I said have an agenda covering it up with the fanfare of film making logistics. But your work as always is commendable.

  3. when is talaash second and third trailer realsing?