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Monday, May 28, 2012

SRK-Ajay Devgn In Rohit Shetty's Film With Karan Johar?

Rohit Shetty is unfazed by the superb response of Bol Bachchan promo. In an interview today, he spoke about the film in detail. He spoke about his team, his writers Sajid-Farhad and Yunus Sajawala, Himesh Reshammiya and Ajay Atul's music (there are four songs in the album, three in the film) etc. Rohit is excited about the title track of the film where Mr Bachchan has both sung and performed despite illness. Rohit glowingly spoke about Neeraj Vohra (he wrote the dialogues in Shetty's Golmaal) whom he rates very highly as an actor. He also had good things to say about Govinda's nephew Krishna who is playing an important role in Bol Bachchan.

Rohit said that the shooting of Chennai Express will start in October 2012. Does it star Deepika Padukone opposite Shahrukh? The script of Chennai Express has been locked. There will be several actors from the Tamil film industry in the film. What about Angoor Remake? "Not now, maybe after four five years."

Rohit will be making an action film with Ajay Devgn which may be the sequel of Singham. As for the film with Karan Johar, there's no story in place yet and the rumours of casting Shahrukh and Ajay are false.

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"My Job Is To Make Superhit Films": Rohit Shetty


  1. Thats fine with me. Any film with Ajay Devgan is good. As for Chennai Express given the expertise of RS that will be a keeper too.

  2. it was a very unexpected pleasant surprise to learn that HR has 3 songs in Bol Bachchan

    Rohit Shetty seems to be a very honest, believable and grounded director who backs his work and his confidence in his products reflects this fact

    you asked him some great questions about Abhishek's performances in other films and Rohit's contribution in Ajay's career

    all in all, awesome interview...just can't wait for the music release

  3. Asad, RawalpindiMay 31, 2012 at 4:29 AM

    Sir, your interview with Rohit Shetty saab was ZABARDAST!!!!
    I really appreciate the guy and the fact that he doesn't resort to cheap tricks to attract eyeballs... The trailer of Bol Bachchan was not only funny, it was a visual treat as well with all the colors and the salwar kameez everywhere. Plus, both the heroines are looking simply gorgeous in traditional attires. Just like you I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Singham 2, as I genuinely feel the first part was the best film of the year (even better than Bodyguard)! There should be more Rohit Shettys in Bollywood, the man is so simple and honest... He cares for the fact that families want to watch clean entertainers and the way he spoke about aunties was very, very endearing. Really wish they were more like him! I feel he's a member of my family, he could be my dad or my uncle because he's so uncomplicated, down to earth, chilled out and he doesn't waste time thinking too much... That's why he's someone we can all identify to. I hope from the bottom of my heart that Bol Bachchan will turn out to be a superhit blockbuster - which I'm sure it will!

    Now looking forward to your interview with my favourite actress Asin (hope one is scheduled =). I'm too excited because I know this film will wash away that disaster called "Ready", which in my opinion was one of the worst films of the year, even though it did amazing business at the BO. It was just too vulgar and cheap, and did not go with Asin's image who's otherwise always clean and right in her choices of roles.

    Blessings from Asad, Rawalpindi

  4. Thanks Vivek and Asad (your comment is heartwarming)


  5. Lovely interview Faridoon, thank you.

    I don't watch too many films, and am very selective about what I do watch. I was skeptical about Singham because of the genre it falls into, but thoroughly enjoyed it, the only questionable part being the stunts...even for escapist fare, they were over the top, but then I am a woman. The romance song seemed unnecessary, but I suppose Mr. Shetty was trying to give value for money. Ajay Devgan's dialogue delivery was phenomenal, particularly the Marathi parts, and I loved the attention to authenticity in ambience and casting of the character actors and extras. The only irritation was the excessive use of the ringtone and I wish filmmakers would apply the 3 strikes and it is out rule for such things. I have no words for Prakash Raj's performance. So thank you to Mr. Shetty from one more woman.

    Bol Bachchan looks fun.

    I have to say I don't get the rap that Abhishek receives. I haven't watched all his films, but he does have a flair for a variety of styles of comedy, and a certain kind of cool which nobody else has. He can be urbane cool and also mavali cool. Loved his performance in Dostana and KANK. I wish more filmmakers would tap his potential. Why compare him to his father...he has his own style and persona.

    Rather long post, but the interview prompted it. Thank you for your patience.